The Return of the Pony

german riding pony canter

Pony Man is back from training. He was gone for a bit over 90 days, and it flew by. He left as a boy, and has returned a man. Now, he is ready to do great things. He had quite the adventure at his trainer’s barn, and he did get to spend a little bit […]

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My Fair Pony

pony face

Pony Man was standing quietly at the edge of his stall. He liked to put his hooves on the threshold and stick his head as far over as it could go to watch the aisle. Luckily that obnoxious goat was nowhere nearby, so there were no distractions as he contemplated life. He vaguely remembered a […]

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The Jane Savoie Experiment

jane savoie dressage experiment

Jane Savoie has been around for a while now, but if you don’t know who she is, she’s a dressage trainer who sells books, videos, and audio about training the dressage horse. She created the “Happy Horse” program, and many variations of it, all of which are designed to make a better dressage rider. A […]

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We Are Getting a Goat

I did not expect this, but Dave has found true love in the form of a goat. The goat was super awesome. Apparently it was bottle fed, which makes it super friendly. It acted more like a dog than any goat I’ve ever been around (granted, I haven’t been around many/any). Dave wanted to just take home […]

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Pony Man is Undersaddle

I went to visit Pony again, and he is doing amazing. He’s even seemed to recognize me! I gave him lots of scratches and he seemed happy enough to see me, even if I did not have treats. He is now undersaddle, with his former feral life only a distant memory. Trainer Sarah brought him […]

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Pony Man Check In

The least exciting thing to happen over the weekend is that I injured my back somehow. It was almost magical how it happened, I went to sleep feeling fine, and then I woke up a cripple, for no apparent reason. Now I’m hobbling around like an old lady, having to use the furniture, husband and pets as anchors […]

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The Lord of the Ponies

Deep in the overgrown pasture, the feral pony lived a quiet life. He was small enough to live unnoticed by the humans, and nearly unnoticed by the other horses. He learned stealth. He was able to sneak up to the horse’s hay, and munch away for several minutes before the horses would take notice. Even […]

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The Taming of the Pony

Earlier, I introduced my pony, and my training method. Now after several months, I’ve decided its time to continue training the pony. For your pony to be considered trained, it has to be able to pose for photo shoots. After all, that is the main thing ponies are used for. Take your pony and a […]

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