The Bloodlines of F#

warmblood horse breeders

So basically, Sharpie is all I have on my mind these days. Even as I’m scratching Pony, all I can think is, Wow, Pony, you sure are fatter than Sharpie. And he is. And he’s going to be getting the muzzle of shame because he’s gotten so fat. Seriously, that Pony needs to be on […]

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Vet Inspection of F#

Yesterday the vet checked out Sharpie, and he officially became mine. I basically already announced him before due to excitement, but now he’s truly and officially mine! Which means I can tell way more about his bloodlines without feeling like a weirdo stalker of breeders. But first, his vet inspection! This is the first time […]

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Clearing the Land

women using chainsaws

Now that I’ve picked the horse, I need to have room for it and D’Arcy’s foal. It’s finally time to clear our some more acreage on my farm. (Really, it was time ages ago, but this is good motivation to get moving.) Dave ripped something in his arm, so he was unable to cut down […]

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westfalen foal

Luckily the disappointment of last weekend has faded away, and I’m feeling much better about this last weekend. I picked out my baby! This is F#, which is pronounced “F Sharp,” not “F Hastag.” Hopefully, I won’t have to repeat this over and over, but I anticipate a lifetime of telling people that. He shall […]

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Yucky Weekend

Yucky is a bit of an understatement. There’s no way to polish this up, so I’ll be blunt. The foal I wanted, the one that was just born this week, has died. My second choice foal was still born. Such is life I suppose. Nothing is ever a guarantee.  Completely overshadowing this though, and putting […]

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New Arena Footing

Guys. GUYS! I am so excited because I got new arena footing! This is the best day ever! I didn’t even have to pay for it! D’Arcy traveled to an exotic beach, and since she didn’t ask me what she should bring me back, I offered to her that she should bring back some sand […]

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Foal #1

The first foal was born! It’s a dark bay colt, with a big star and three small socks. A few days ago, I was saying that I hoped it was a dark bay with white socks and a stripe, and this is pretty close, I’ll take it as fulfilling my exact wish. Not a filly […]

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Whole 30 – Week 1

I have made it a full week on Whole 30. It wasn’t that hard. Apparently “tough love” is common in this system, and there’s an emphasis on not being that hard. I agree it’s really not that hard. I did end up buying the book to see what I had actually got myself into – […]

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Whole 30 Diet

itchy pony

Today I embark upon the whole 30 diet. I was kind of tricked into it, but I decided it seems like a good idea. Two coworkers behind my desk, discussing something. As one turns to leave, she says, “Courtney! You’ll do it, too, right?” and I said, “Sure, I’m in!” And then I had to […]

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The Great Pony Escape

horse lifestyle

Check it out, you guys! I made a YouTube video! This is the first time that I filmed footage specifically to create a YouTube video, and I’m not too unhappy with the results!  It’s footage from when I went riding a few weeks ago, and my sly little Pony got out when I was putting […]

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