3 Month Baby

My baby is 3 months old! It both feels like she’s been with me forever, and feels like she just arrived yesterday.  Now that’s she’s three months old, she’s becoming more fun as more of her personality is coming out. Before, it often felt like we were taking care of an angry potato. Most of […]

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NoVa Horse Events to Attend

horse events

Do you have enough horse events to fill up your year? Probably not, you could always fit more in. I gathered the best horse events in Northern Virginia that I’m hoping to attend. Check out the list below. Which one(s) are you attending? Warrenton Pony Show | June 26 – 30, Warrenton Horse Show Grounds, […]

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SafeSport in USEF

warm up ring

I’m not a USEF member (I’m way too casual currently) so while I was vaguely aware of Safe Sport. I wasn’t really paying attention because exactly none of it applied to me. Then, this morning I found out that Robert Gage has passed away, and it sounds like a likely suicide. He had been banned […]

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My Trailer Preferences

two horse straight load

I always find it interesting to learn why people buy the things they do. “Such and such is soooo perfect!” they will say. But why? What unique needs did the person have to make that choice? What experiences made them decided they had to have that feature? Why is what they wanted so different from […]

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Video – Day With Baby

12 week baby

It suddenly dawned on me that Bridgette is growing up so fast and literally changed on a weekly basis. She’s not the tiny newborn anymore, gawping at the world, and my photos of her sitting around just aren’t the same as my living memories of her. I found myself wishing I had an actual video […]

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Why I Love Whole 30

I have posted about Whole 30 before. I stayed on it for a good 6 months, lost weight, and felt great. But then I went to Germany, and there was no way I was saying no to delicious German food. That was the end of my Whole 30 diet streak. I did manage to start […]

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Body After Baby

It’s now been 11 weeks since I had Bridgette, and I’m pleased to report that I still have a body.  I say that because I’ve heard and seen of so many women who are afraid that having a baby will ruin their bodies. Or they did have a baby or multiple babies, and they feel […]

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A Typical Day with Baby

Maybe you’ve been asking yourself, “Man, I really wonder what it’s like having a baby,” or perhaps even more specifically, “Man, I wonder what Courtney does all day while on maternity leave. Shouldn’t she be working with her horses? Surely she’s on vacation?” Well, wonder no longer! As here is my typical day.  Between 2 […]

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