Introduction to Stadium Jumping

I recently joined a riding club, and their lessons are helpfully labeled by the topic of the lesson. So for my first lesson, I choose “Introduction to Stadium Jumping,” because it seemed like a safe option, while still maybe presenting a little challenge. I haven’t had a lesson for a while, but I can physically […]

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First Ride of the Year

The last time I rode was in a lesson at the beginning of December. My goodness, how time flies! I’m definitely looking forward to the longer days of sunshine! And I’ll need to take advantage of every moment I have, as I signed up for two lessons in February through a riding club I joined. They […]

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Hay Day

Yesterday, I watched with satisfaction as my hay guy dropped two fresh round bales in with the babies. Then, he dropped a third to be put in storage. We pushed it in next to the remains of a fourth round bale. I don’t have to worry about hay for at least a month. Hay has […]

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Weanling Walk

Over the weekend we did Weanling Walk 2: The Reckoning. Weanling Walk 1 is here.  Weanling Walk 2 ended up being much better! Who would have thought a sequel would have been better than the original?!  This time, I stuck a camera similar to a GoPro on my head and recorded the whole thing. The […]

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Review: SaddleBox Subscription

The weather here has been SO NICE recently! Such a nice change from the frozen wasteland of a few weeks ago. I really hope the rest of this winter is very mild. I have things to do, horses to ride, grass to grow.  When I got back from Florida a few weeks ago, I had […]

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Fitness Challenge – A Failure to Plan


I officially signed up for my gym’s fitness challenge on Tuesday, January 9th. That means it’s been ongoing for just over two weeks! What have I accomplished? Not nearly as much as I was hoping to, honestly. But I’ll get into that in a minute. Before the challenge, I decided to stop dieting, and eat […]

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The Weanling Field Dance

westfalen weanlings

We planned this weekend to get the babies trailer loading. That didn’t go to plan. But, one thing I’d learned with horses is doing some ambitious plan will force me what we need to work on.  In this case, we were walking them up to the trailer, through the big field that the horses are […]

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The Herd

This long weekend was a fun weekend of visitors! And I popped up on Eventing Nation! I have officially peaked, it’s time to retire. Shelby came back up, and naturally, she had to see the little babies. I think she was a hit with them.    Stubert and Shelby doing the official muzzle bump greeting. […]

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Baby Bonding

weanling training

With the deep freeze coming through last week, it has been rough on the farm. The pipes froze in the barn which meant that Dave and I were hauling buckets of water down from the house. Not fun at all, and I feel especially bad for Dave as he was alone last week, hauling buckets […]

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