Review: SaddleBox Subscription

The weather here has been SO NICE recently! Such a nice change from the frozen wasteland of a few weeks ago. I really hope the rest of this winter is very mild. I have things to do, horses to ride, grass to grow.  When I got back from Florida a few weeks ago, I had […]

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Fitness Challenge – A Failure to Plan


I officially signed up for my gym’s fitness challenge on Tuesday, January 9th. That means it’s been ongoing for just over two weeks! What have I accomplished? Not nearly as much as I was hoping to, honestly. But I’ll get into that in a minute. Before the challenge, I decided to stop dieting, and eat […]

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The Weanling Field Dance

westfalen weanlings

We planned this weekend to get the babies trailer loading. That didn’t go to plan. But, one thing I’d learned with horses is doing some ambitious plan will force me what we need to work on.  In this case, we were walking them up to the trailer, through the big field that the horses are […]

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The Herd

This long weekend was a fun weekend of visitors! And I popped up on Eventing Nation! I have officially peaked, it’s time to retire. Shelby came back up, and naturally, she had to see the little babies. I think she was a hit with them.    Stubert and Shelby doing the official muzzle bump greeting. […]

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Baby Bonding

weanling training

With the deep freeze coming through last week, it has been rough on the farm. The pipes froze in the barn which meant that Dave and I were hauling buckets of water down from the house. Not fun at all, and I feel especially bad for Dave as he was alone last week, hauling buckets […]

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Foal Hernia

foal scratches

When Stu was born, he had a teeny little hernia. It was so small that I didn’t even notice it until the vet pointed it out during the vet check.  I’ve never had a horse with a hernia before, having never owned a horse so young. It isn’t uncommon in babies – It’s basically a […]

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2018 Goals

Despite all my efforts to discover time travel, the years continue to go by faster and faster. Tomorrow, I’m going to wake up 80 years old. To maximize the moments I have left, I am actually going to set some goals this year. I don’t think I set any last year, and then I ended […]

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Stu’s First 6 Months

It’s the time of year for everyone to make recaps, so this is as close as I’m getting! I’m still terrible at creating videos, but hopefully, I will get better.  Here is Stu’s life, up until now: The more I get to know him, the more I love him. The highlight of his day is […]

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Pink Hair

pink hair

Well, I did it. Something I would have only thought teenagers capable of pulling off. Something that in my day, only rebellious teenagers did. I dyed my hair pink. Although I went the grown-up adult way of doing it, and went to a salon and paid an absurd amount of money for someone else to […]

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Fitness Challenge

It’s the new year, everyone is making their new years resolutions that include losing weight, and my gym has posted signs for a 2018 Challenge. Just look at all the numbers on that poster! It ranges all the way from 1 to 6,500, and even 100,000! So many numbers! Seeing as how I have become […]

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