Pony Man Check In

The least exciting thing to happen over the weekend is that I injured my back somehow. It was almost magical how it happened, I went to sleep feeling fine, and then I woke up a cripple, for no apparent reason. Now I’m hobbling around like an old lady, having to use the furniture, husband and pets as anchors […]

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The Lord of the Ponies

Deep in the overgrown pasture, the feral pony lived a quiet life. He was small enough to live unnoticed by the humans, and nearly unnoticed by the other horses. He learned stealth. He was able to sneak up to the horse’s hay, and munch away for several minutes before the horses would take notice. Even […]

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Having Horses is Practice for Having Toddlers

German Riding Pony

I don’t actually have any children. But owning horses is how I imagine toddlers would be. I was out there, prepping the horses for a cold night, while contemplating this.. 1. They rarely show gratitude. Movies have been lying to you. Horses don’t really yell, and call out, or really make many noises at all. […]

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