Spring Giveaway: Aztec Diamond

spring giveaway aztec diamond

Even though I’m writing this with snow on the ground outside, spring is nearly here! To celebrate spring (and the delayed launch of my website)(and just because I’m a nice person), I want to present someone with a gift certificate to the equestrian apparel company Aztec Diamond!


I gave in and made my first order, and I’m eagerly anticipating its arrival. And since I’m already on a buying spree, you could be anticipating something too, and on my dime! I will give out one gift certificate to Aztec Diamond for 100 of those funny curved things that Great Britain accepts as currency, and you can spend it on whatever you want. I picked 100, because that should get you a pair of breeches, and pay for shipping, so hopefully nothing comes out of your pocket! I can’t guarantee you will be able to get that though, as I have no idea what shipping costs to your area. For my area, it would work out.

Now, you may be wondering how you can win this fabulous prize, and that answer is simple. Go to my very lonely facebook page, and hit like. That’s it, you are entered!

facebook logo
It has this picture on it.

Because my page is so lonely, the odds are definitely in your favor! I promise I won’t spam you, and I definitely promise that I will run more giveaways like this in the future, as Dave is really into this idea. He was pushing for this giveaway, and he’s pushing for more already. Really, he is to blame for this.

Next Friday, I will draw the winner, you will send me your email, and I will send you the gift card. Then be sure to let me know what you buy, because I am a super nosy person!

To reiterate, make sure you enter by next Friday, March 11, 2016, because I will draw the winner then!

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  1. awww awesome giveaway!!!! so very sad tho that i can’t enter tho bc i apparently live under a rock and don’t have an fb account… le sigh.

    1. Hello Austin! I’m Courtney, and we have now been introduced. I also don’t get out much, so I hope I did this right.

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