The Great Pony Escape

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Check it out, you guys! I made a YouTube video! This is the first time that I filmed footage specifically to create a YouTube video, and I’m not too unhappy with the results! 

It’s footage from when I went riding a few weeks ago, and my sly little Pony got out when I was putting Berry away. See it for yourself!

There will be more to come! Make sure you subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any! 

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  1. To be clear, the Pony’s name is Pony-Man. Dave is the name of… me… She was cackling for me to come out and when I did he stopped running. That’s man-love!

  2. I love this. My mare used to do this to me EVERY time I attempted to catch her. He is a shit, but he is a lovely shit. And DAAAVVE! it’s probably a good thing you helped! The “bro code?”

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