The Maiden Voyage

horse in trailer

I had the trailer, I had some time, so it was time to use the trailer. I didn’t have any purpose to go anywhere, but I needed to test it out! 

The first part of my new trailering experience was loading up the dressing room. To someone who already has a dressing room, this may seem laughable, but I had barely anything to put in there. I put my saddle on the rack, the bridle on the hook, water in a jug, a bucket, and my grooming supplies. Then I was at a loss of what else to put in there. It seemed really empty, I guess having very little storage space has made me travel light, but I’m sure as time goes on, it will magically fill itself up completely. Moments before I left, I tossed in my loading halter, the most magical piece of equipment I own, and now I am prepared for any horse that won’t load.

After my trailer was slightly loaded up with supplies, I went to get Berry. She knew something was up the moment I approached the field. (I left her halter on after I fed them), and she was hiding behind Vintage, eyeing me warily. Unluckily for her, Vintage has no need to run from me, so she stood calmly as I approached, and I just nabbed Berry. I will have to do something about Berry though, I feel like she’s getting slightly more obnoxious to catch in the field each time (hence leaving on the halter for easy nabbing).

When I showed Berry the trailer, she sniffed at it and peered in it, but after a moment climbed in. She seemed very willing to give it a chance. 

The ride was uneventful, which is exactly how trailer rides should be! The trailer pulled super easily, and felt so smooth back there. Berry seemed relaxed when we arrived, and only a little bit sweaty. In the old trailer, she sometimes got sweaty, but I’m not sure if that was from a rough ride, or nerves from being by herself. She doesn’t normally get sweaty when she has a friend with her. 

She did get very sweaty from our ride. There were no horses around, just lots of kids playing soccer, and other than checking some things out, we have an uneventful but productive ride. 

“Now that the ride is over, I can stare at that dog!”

On the ride back, I was forced to stop much more abruptly than I would have liked. It wasn’t a slam on the breaks moment, but it was much, much quicker than I like to break with a live animal. Unfortunately, the road the park is on has some pretty quick signal lights and a fairly high speed limit. I knew Berry wouldn’t be happy, and I was right. There was a lot of movement back there, and it felt like she was doing some pawing. I knew she wasn’t hurt because we weren’t going fast enough, but she was one peeved horse. I think Berry has a sense of fairness, and as long as people are fair to her, she is quite amenable. But, this was clearly not fair, and she was letting everyone know. Poor thing.

We continued on, and when we got home and unloaded, Berry was doing the “honk” of a jittery horse. I could see as I unloaded her that the center divider by her head had come loose somehow, and had likely been swinging around for most of the ride. I don’t know if it’s a design flaw, or if it was just loose before, and the abrupt stop caused it to come out. I believe Berry considered this extremely unfair, as I put in the pasture and she trotted around, showing her destain for the ride. Pony also trotted with her, showing equal destain, but that is because he is a meek follower, trying to look cool to the other horses. Vintage ignored them both.

I will just have to test it again, and hopefully, it was just loose from when I was being shown all the options. I feel bad for Berry, and hopefully this won’t have soured her on the trailer. But, luckily I have my amazing loading halter to get her loading up again. 

I decided to show Vintage the trailer too, to see what she thinks.

She thought it was boring.

Overall, first testing of the trailer went great, and I’m excited for more trips! 

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    1. It’s the Monty Robert’s Loading halter, I don’t think they even make them anymore. But it basically applies pressure to the nose until they give in, it teaches them super fast to follow into the trailer. It’s seriously amazing, I’ll have to do a post on it.

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