First Ride of the Year

The last time I rode was in a lesson at the beginning of December. My goodness, how time flies! I’m definitely looking forward to the longer days of sunshine! And I’ll need to take advantage of every moment I have, as I signed up for two lessons in February through a riding club I joined. They are for … stadium jumping! *gasp!* But, I figured, why not? I’m not glued to any specific discipline, and I really don’t care that much. I just want to ride and enjoy my horse. 

Now I need to get said horse in some kind of shape. I think it’s been beneficial for her to be on full-time turnout the last few months. She hardly broke a sweat during this 40-minute session, so I’ll definitely need to push more. 

I went into it thinking it was going to be like trying to ride a kite due to her recent craziness. 


Saturday night horse party

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Therefore I would do something I wasn’t a huge fan of, and lounge her first. I like just getting on and going, but if I must, I must. If I was giving myself advice, that is what I would tell myself to do. So I lounged. And she was totally quiet and didn’t care.

This was also a great time to test out my Soloshot 3, and use my head cam! It was an exciting day for media collection! 

I lounged for a bit, then got on and w/t/c with a little lateral work. She was as good as could be, unfortunately, due to my new videos, I can now see that I was a wobbly horrible mess, reverting back to hunching over, despite even thinking about how likely it was that I wasn’t sitting up tall. Sigh… in time I’ll not be terrible I suppose.

I can see now that the head cam slid up too far on my head. I was wondering why it seemed like I was 8 feet tall. It was so high up, I couldn’t even see Berry’s head in the video. It gave the appearance of floating eerily over the ground. Very slowly floating though, Berry’s canter seems doubly slow rewatching it on a video. 

Overall it was just nice to ride again. I have no idea why I waited so long to do it. Just kept getting distracted by other things, I suppose. But, moving forward, fewer distractions, more riding!

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