New Lightroom Preset Pack – Vintage Moods

lightroom preset cover

Take your photos to the next level – I am thrilled to be offering this lightroom preset pack

Lightroom is the tool of photographers to enhance photos. Basically all the cool photos you see on Instagram were edited in Lightroom (or possibly photoshop, but there’s a feature that’s basically lightroom inside of photoshop… and it works the same.)

The lightroom mobile app is FREE and does not require any Adobe subscription. So if you want to take your photos to the next level, you can on your phone!

I’m really proud of this collection I made for lightroom. I designed it thinking of moody winter and vintage aesthetic. My horse is also named Vintage, but that is entirely coincidental! But I did make it specifically for horses. A lot of the generic filters can really mess up a horse’s coat color. I did my best to enhance without making weird alien horses.   

I tested these on many different photos to make sure they are versatile. Here are some before and afters: 

Boy do I love pink landscapes

Make sure you check it out on my Etsy shop: Moody Vintage Lightroom Presets

Also, if you’re wanting to upgrade your winter snow photo scenes, I have a lightroom pack for that too! Maybe use it when the monster blizzard hits us this weekend. I bet it’ll turn into nothing for me though, but doesn’t hurt to be prepared! And by prepared, I mean by having a lightroom preset pack ready to go. Duh. Did you think I meant by having food and a generator? Hogwash! 

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