Baby Chicks Update

A while back, I had baby chicks born. They were adorable, fuzzy little black things. But now they have grown up. The ones Dave picked up from the store have been given to my neighbor, and the fuzzy little black ones were put outside. Unfortunately, one of them did wander away and disappear forever. Rest in […]

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An Explosion of Chicks

In the span of a week, my flock of chickens has doubled.  It started one warm afternoon when I walked up to my chicken coop. I peeked in to take a look, and I heard little cheeps. My first thought was, that better not be what I think it is. I crawled into the coop, […]

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How to Pick Up Chicks

baby chick

The sad chicken update – Y’grette and Twank are both gone too now. The fox kept coming by, and scared them out of the run. I didn’t think that was possible, but there was a hole in the roof of the run, and I’m assuming the two of them flew out of the hole to […]

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A Blogger Meetup!

  The nice thing about meeting other bloggers is you already know what you have in common: (obviously) horses. I’d been following Sarah from A Soft Spot for Stars for some time now, possibly as long as I’ve been blogging, and a few months ago we started talking directly online. One thing to led to another, and […]

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Chicken Drama

I thought my chicken keeping experience couldn’t get any worse after my beloved Fluffers died. But, it turns out that chickens continue to be expendable, and a few weeks ago, some predator came in and killed over half my flock. Killed, and then left their bodies scattered around my property, and my neighbor’s property. So […]

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silkie chickens

Sometimes I get sappy and emotional. This is one of those days. Prepare yourself for a long, sad chicken post. Here’s some music to get you in the mood. My beautiful Fluffers, my sweet little pet chicken, who I have had for three years, was killed by a fox. Belvedere, who was also a favorite […]

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The Assassination of Roopert

bantam rooster

Roopert had ruled over his kingdom for several years. He felt secure in his position but he was always on the lookout for threats to his crown. He made sure that all who entered his kingdom knew his absolute power. His main political rival had been Red. Red had appeared one day, and by birth, Red […]

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Good of the Last Few Weeks

I have been quiet for a while, and that is partially because I was given new responsibilities at work that consume much of my time. After work, I’m just so tired. I’m making an effort to write regularly again, starting with an overview of the last few weeks. There’s the good, and the not so […]

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The Saddest Face in the World

I have been slow to update, but I don’t have anything to talk about anyway. I didn’t even have a lesson this week because I had to go to a work meeting. Dang work, always interfering with my riding. So all I have been doing is working on my arena (and sleeping). Last weekend, the […]

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