Local Explorations


My truck is still not usable to pull my trailer, so I’m still grounded at home. I don’t know how anyone can manage without having a trailer because these last two months have been very frustrating. I really wanted to go trail riding, but since I have no trailer, and no trails, I decided to […]

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Horse Wanderlust – The Mongol Derby


It’s common knowledge that taking care of horses basically means, I never go anywhere. How could you? There’s horses to take care of, chores to do, and no one can take care of your horses the way you do. When you do end up going someplace, you spend the whole vacation worrying if everything is alright. […]

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Playing Photographer


Every year, my friend and I get photos done. It’s our fall tradition. This year, it was extra special because she is pregnant. We planned for a maternity shoot for her. Unfortunately, our usual photographer had a last minute scheduling conflict. He’s a really good photographer and a really good guy, so we were sad. But […]

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The Life and Death of Dogs


A few weeks ago, we took Puddin on her last car ride. Her cries had become more frequent, and most nights, she’d cry all night. She shuffled from the bedroom to her dog bed out in the hall every 30 minutes in an attempt to get comfortable. She’d scream out in pain as she collapsed on […]

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Horse Home Decor


As would make sense, horse people collect horse decor. Why not be surrounded by things that remind you of the animal you love? Sometimes, horse people are gifted terrible versions of horse decor, too, and then there’s the shame of trying to figure out if it should be displayed, and how long, and when can […]

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Aztec Diamond Product Reviews


I have a case of Anglophile this week… first with their television shows, and now their clothing. To further this, today I’m using a wool wrap that my parents brought back for me from their trip to Britan this past spring. Sure, it’s super itchy, and also only like 70 degrees outside, but it is […]

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Katie Price’s Pony Club – A Review


Despite my laments earlier that KP’s Pony Club was only in Britain, I found it. It can be found easily on YouTube. I am moderately fulfilled now that I have seen the first three episodes. Usually, I’m a terrible person and snark heavily on horse movies because they are terrible, awful, unrealistic things. This show, shockingly, […]

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Motivation to Get Over the Summertime Blues

riding motivation

I have a case of the summertime blues. My motivation level is almost zero. It’s always weird to me that as riders and horse lovers we love these animals and riding more than anything, but sometimes, don’t feel inclined to ride. At all. Some, who may not be feeling this way at the moment, might […]

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Maryland Renaissance Festival


It’s that time of year again – Time for me to set aside my horse-ing so we can do something Dave enjoys. The Maryland Renaissance Festival is the second largest in the country. It just started this last weekend and runs for the next 8 weekends. This past weekend had the theme of “Children’s Weekend”, but […]

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