The Best Horse Budget Tip EVER

Back up my neighborhood road.

It’s that time of year again – the time when people lose their minds for black Friday deals. As someone who absolutely loathes shopping, I’d like to share with you something that has gotten me through these¬†obnoxious times. You don’t need it. You really don’t. Sure, it’s the latest trendy bridle, or a saddle pad […]

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Day of the Dead Gala


Well, it’s about time I posted about this! It took place November 4th… that was quite a while ago. Almost feels like years ago at this point… But I am trying to play catch up here, so here we are. This is the super amazing bloggers Shelby and D’Arcy, and additionally my lovely, wonderful friend […]

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Win a Year’s Supply of Onions


To thank you all for hopefully continuing to check out my blog in hopes that I’m going to update, or those who will still click on it if it pops up in their blog reader, I’ve decided to host another giveaway: The Holiday Onion Extravaganza!!!! I was talking to Dave the other day, asking him […]

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Virginia Fall Gold Cup


In the midst of being super busy, I managed to get some horse fun in. Last Saturday was the fall edition of the Virginia Gold Cup. The Gold Cup is located at Great Meadow, which is also the location of this fabulous event. I did not check how many of the cross country jumps are […]

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Illumiseen Breastplate Collar Review


The Illumiseen Breastplate collar is a nylon breastplate with LED lights lining it. The lights have three settings: steady, blinking slow, and blinking fast. Illumiseen created this breastplate to increase horse visibility, and they succeed, these lights are bright. Illumiseen reached out to me, asking if I would like one to review, and I enthusiastically […]

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Creating a Scene at the Embassy of Italy


On Friday night, Dave, my friend K, and I went to the Embassy of Italy in DC for a Venetian¬†Ball. Finally, an excuse to wear a ball gown! It was a fun, and interesting night. I’ll get to the most interesting part in a minute though… We had VIP tickets, which entitled us to arrive […]

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Gentle Harvest Delayed Open Party


We drove into our little town on Saturday to drop our truck off to be fixed (finally, omg!). For a town that consists of one street, it was surprisingly active, and we soon discovered the source: A new market had (sort of) opened. But, this is not just any market. This market is owned by […]

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