Goodbye, Berry

When I buy my horses, I buy with the intention that I will own them forever. Some people might think of them more as an investment to sell later, or even as a kind of sports equipment, although adorable and sweet sports equipment, but to me, they are pets. Pets that I go on adventures […]

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A Day at the Farm

Before children, I took for granted being able to get my hair cut. Now, wow, what a luxury. I actually hate getting my hair done, it takes too long and I nearly always don’t like the results, but it is necessary. My hair starts to look pretty ratty and gross if I go longer than […]

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Once again, time moves so fast, I can’t even believe it. I felt like I had just written that post about Stu, but turns out, it’s been nearly a month. How is that even possible? So what’s been happening in the last month… well, nearly nothing horse related. I think if I stuck to only […]

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An Attitude Adjustment

pony in stall

A few weeks after I birthed the twins, my Pony came back from lease. The trainer said he was the world’s best pony and he was wonderful, but she wasn’t getting enough business to justify keeping him. That’s fine, I took him right back. When he got back, I was surprised to find him more […]

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New Lightroom Preset Pack – Vintage Moods

lightroom preset cover

Take your photos to the next level – I am thrilled to be offering this lightroom preset pack!  Lightroom is the tool of photographers to enhance photos. Basically all the cool photos you see on Instagram were edited in Lightroom (or possibly photoshop, but there’s a feature that’s basically lightroom inside of photoshop… and it […]

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A Pony’s Life

pony in the snow

After spending most of last year as a lesson pony, Pony has returned to me.  My understanding was that he was the world’s best pony at his lesson barn. I’m not sure of the exact details though. I really should have asked though. If there’s one thing I love, it’s hearing how great my pony […]

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Life with the Twins

toddler and twin baby stroller in horse field

They have arrived. After so many months, starting with constant sickness and misery, and ending with constantly being uncomfortable, they are here. It’s been over a month now, and I finally have the energy and time to write this, early in the morning, while all the kids are still sleeping.  Pregnancy was rough. It was […]

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Sync Equestrian E-Commerce Shoot

e-commerce photography virginia

I had the opportunity to shoot for Sync Equestrian again for their latest product launch. This time it included the Venom Performance Top and both the Venom Full Seat and knee patch performance breeches, as seen here. It was an e-commerce style shoot, which basically means the focus is entirely on the product, with a […]

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