Cruising Part 3: More Island Photos


Because it’s hard to get people to come over and look at my scrapbooks, here it is in digital form to be forced upon you. This picks up from my earlier complaints about my cruise, and then my post on how amazing flamingos at the zoo are. St. Thomas The next cruising stop was St. […]

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Happy New Year!


Yay! A new year is upon on! It’s time to make plans, and set some goals! I didn’t do great with my riding goals this year, which I’m directly blaming on working different hours. Also, the changing of the amount of light in the days…you know that thing that the earth does when it changes […]

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Cruising, Part 2: The Bahamas

This is me, sitting on a bench. I have brown hair and a gray hat.

This was our first stop. We only had from 7am to 1:30pm to explore. We had no excursions planned, we simply walked off, and starting looking around town. There are many shops right by the pier, from the straw market and tourist souvenirs to high-end luxury brands, screaming out their “Duty-free” status. There’s a public […]

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Cruising, Part 1


Despite my earlier stance that cruises are terrible and I’ll never go on another one, I ended up on another cruise. Except I justify this by saying that it was (mostly) paid for, and Dave’s entire family was going on it. It was a family reunion of sorts. We were booked on the largest cruise […]

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The Onion Winner

Forgive my slowness, my spirit animal is the sloth. I’m feeling more energized this morning, so it’s time to award the most fabulous prize of a 52 onions, or things that look like onions!! Since I’ve ended up super busy even when I get home from work, I’ve decided just to push through and do […]

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The Best Horse Budget Tip EVER

Back up my neighborhood road.

It’s that time of year again – the time when people lose their minds for black Friday deals. As someone who absolutely loathes shopping, I’d like to share with you something that has gotten me through these¬†obnoxious times. You don’t need it. You really don’t. Sure, it’s the latest trendy bridle, or a saddle pad […]

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Day of the Dead Gala


Well, it’s about time I posted about this! It took place November 4th… that was quite a while ago. Almost feels like years ago at this point… But I am trying to play catch up here, so here we are. This is the super amazing bloggers Shelby and D’Arcy, and additionally my lovely, wonderful friend […]

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Win a Year’s Supply of Onions


To thank you all for hopefully continuing to check out my blog in hopes that I’m going to update, or those who will still click on it if it pops up in their blog reader, I’ve decided to host another giveaway: The Holiday Onion Extravaganza!!!! I was talking to Dave the other day, asking him […]

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