Stu’s First Trim

I, unfortunately, wasn’t there for it. Luckily his breeder was happy to pass along photos. What a little cutie! I commented that he seemed to be taking it well… she said yes, he’s sedated. Well, that explains it!  In Stu related news, it seems his hernia is getting bigger. I could wait to see if […]

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The Long Term

I took a talent assessment test a few months ago through my work. It was to identify my skills so I could best leverage them at work. My strongest skill was “Futuristic.” I’m a planner. I think ahead. I can’t just think of what the next step is, I need to think of what the […]

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Orange is the New Blonde

warmblood foal

I rarely get my hair done because I don’t like sitting in a chair for many hours upon hours, and also having to pay at the end. My hair gets pretty long between appointments (usually hiding split ends fairly well). My approaching travel triggered an urge to get it done. I work in a fairly […]

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Clearing Progress

Another successful weekend of clearing! Progress is becoming more and more apparent, and it is looking like a turn out space, instead of a mess of scrubby trees. We (the amazing team that I can’t believe is actually showing up to do this) cleared out a huge dead tree that had fallen, three scrubby hell […]

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Whole 30 Follow Up

A while back, I started up Whole 30. I meant to post a more weekly update of what was going on, but let’s be serious – I didn’t have much to say and it would have been super boring. But, now that it’s been several weeks I thought I’d provide an update. Yes, I kept […]

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Stu the Model

I feel like I only talk about one thing these days…and I have good news, I’m not going to write a lengthy post about him! Instead, here’s a post made up mostly by some of the dozens of photos of Stu during his recent inspection. I feel like they will go to waste if I don’t post […]

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Westfalen NA Inspection

Sharpie’s inspection was going to be today, July 28, 2017, but due to likely all-day thunderstorms, it was moved to yesterday. This meant I was already at work, working, when I received the notice that Sharpie was going to be inspected, and did I want to come watch. I did, but I had a meeting […]

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The Trailer is Out

trailer sinking in mud

Yet another “In Memory of” post… my trailer has died. It is now in the trailer graveyard at the repair shop. Technically, I could perform CPR on it, and revive it. But the cost of doing so is the same as the price I initially paid for it… so I’m not feeling an overwhelming urge […]

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Clearing Continues

clearing land

Sunday was a big day for cleaning out more woods. We cut down more trees, and disposed of the trees we cut down. D’Arcy had recruited some family members and we became a well oiled machine, cutting down, and dragging out to the fire her brother had built. The fire was huge! It had been […]

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