Baked Garlic Asparagus


There’s no hidden meaning here, this is a post about Baked Garlic Asparagus. Sometimes I become obsessed with something, and then I have to share it with the whole world. In this case, it is Baked Garlic Asparagus. If you don’t like asparagus, or don’t like cooking it, or are morally opposed to asparagus, you […]

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TTouch Evaluation: Pony Man


Now the thrilling conclusion of the TTouch Blog Mini Series. I only have three equines, so I can only do so much with this topic. Today’s contestant: Pony Man, a 5-year-old, medium sized pony with a heart filled with arrogance, and cowardliness, in equal measures. He enjoys galloping up to greet people, or hiding behind […]

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Katie Price’s Pony Club


Katie Price is a British reality show celebrity, with a ready for TV drama filled life. I’m not a fan of reality TV shows, but throw in horses, and yes, I absolutely am a fan! I don’t care if it’s good, or terrible, I want to watch this so badly! What do we need to do […]

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TTouch Evaluation: Berry


This is the second try to determine if the TTouch characteristic evaluations can accurately determine a horse’s personality. Vintage was the first try, and did not leave me convinced. Just like the psychics you can call, the information given was vague, with a few accurate bits, and that’s just not good enough. Subject: Berry, 7 year […]

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I Got a Haircut

Warning: This post contains nothing related to horses, and is completely comprised of selfies of my hair. Breaking News: I got a haircut. This may not seem like news, but I hate going to salons because it always takes forever, so I rarely get my hair cut. Maybe once a year. Yes, I do often […]

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Experiment: TTouch Face Evaluation on Vintage

Second evaluation photo.

Many years ago, when I was a wee child, I had no horse, and therefore, I devored every horse book I could find. One of them was Getting in TTouch: Understand and Influence Your Horse’s Personality. I loved it. It talked about interpreting your horse’s personality based on appearance, and ways to influence your horse’s […]

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Thursday Night Dressage


The local GMO has Thursday night dressage shows. I find this very cool, because how many times have you been partially through a week and thought, “Wow, I really wish I had a mid-week horse show to look forward through.” But then you’d realize you have to send in your entry form in advance to […]

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4-H Show Prep


In case you are wondering, no, I am not in 4-H, as I am a full grown adult that cannot pass for a teenager. But, this 4-H show is catering to non-member apparently, and full grown adults can show at it. 4-H brings back such feelings of nostalgia. In my youthful, carefree days, I was a […]

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Cross Country Action


I met up with Shelby a few days ago for a trek through Middleburg/Piedmont hunt territory. It could possibly be the most beautiful horse country in the world (although I am biased). Shelby knows the area very well, and took us on a little tour. Unfortunately, there was a storm cloud just south of us, […]

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