A Pony’s Life

pony in the snow

After spending most of last year as a lesson pony, Pony has returned to me.  My understanding was that he was the world’s best pony at his lesson barn. I’m not sure of the exact details though. I really should have asked though. If there’s one thing I love, it’s hearing how great my pony […]

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Life with the Twins

toddler and twin baby stroller in horse field

They have arrived. After so many months, starting with constant sickness and misery, and ending with constantly being uncomfortable, they are here. It’s been over a month now, and I finally have the energy and time to write this, early in the morning, while all the kids are still sleeping.  Pregnancy was rough. It was […]

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Sync Equestrian E-Commerce Shoot

e-commerce photography virginia

I had the opportunity to shoot for Sync Equestrian again for their latest product launch. This time it included the Venom Performance Top and both the Venom Full Seat and knee patch performance breeches, as seen here. It was an e-commerce style shoot, which basically means the focus is entirely on the product, with a […]

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Onward to Fall

Things have been pretty quiet around here. There’s not a whole lot I can do, now that I’m the size of a small whale. Since there’s twins in there, I already look like a full term pregnant woman. And I still have over a month left.  I feel like I will never look like my […]

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Photoshoot for Sync Equestrian

sync equestrian tights

I am so excited to present… my first commercial photoshoot! I partnered with Sync Equestrian to photograph their amazing equestrian leggings. I’m not a big gusher, but their leggings really are fabulous. They are so flattering and grippy, and it really was an honor to photograph them. Here are some of my favorites:  I absolutely […]

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As our little girl is growing up, we started to feel like we might need another one. The first one was working out really well, and it could be fun to have two. They could play together, for one thing. So with that in mind, we though, we could try, and see what happens. Well, […]

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Big Man Stubert

It may surprise a few horse lovers to know that I have only visited Stu one time since he went to training – about two weeks after I sent him there. Life gets pretty busy, that’s all I can say.  Luckily he has been in good hands, and I haven’t worried about him at all. […]

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