Good Girl, Berry!

Substantially shorter post than usual, but I suppose I have less to complain about when everything goes well!

It was raining most of last week, which means I barely got to ride. On Sunday, I took Berry to a ring to school her. The same barn that did my rating also allows OPRC members to school in their ring for a small fee. Schooling in a ring is preferred greatly to schooling in a field.

Berry was very excited when we first arrived, and even honked a little at the new site. But I walked her around quite a bit in hand before getting on in the indoor.

And then she was… fine. Sure, she was a little quick at time, and a little spooky at other times, but overall, she was really good. She was bending, and responded well to my half halts. She did have a few moments where she curled behind the bit. That is┬ástill a work in progress.

Looking rather pleased with herself.
Looking rather pleased with herself, and only minimally concerned.

Overall, it feels like such a leap forward that I didn’t have 40 minutes of crazy before the calm. Only 10-15 minutes of crazy, and that was mostly on the ground.

My lesson is today, and I’m really hoping it will go as well as Sunday went!

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