The Brief – June 12, 2020

Father’s Day Giveaway

Be sure to check out my instagram today – I’ve teamed up with my friends at to offer a Father’s Day Giveaway! Make sure you check it out, it’s a nice bundle to give to dad!

Chloe Ting Follow Up

I mentioned starting Chloe Ting’s youtube workouts. Well, I should have taken before photos because I’m kind of amazed. 

I didn’t notice in person, but after I took some photos this week, I couldn’t believe it. Don’t get me wrong, my behind is still enormous and takes up 80% of my body, but angling it away from the camera helps. 

Seriously recommend – they are hard to start, but I promise it gets easier. 

Medieval Style Cover

Sometimes I have no idea why someone thought something would be a good idea, but it turns out I was wrong and its an amazing idea. Such is the case of this medieval style cover of Bad Romance (and the other songs too, but this one is my favorite).

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