Unrelenting by George Morris

George Morris

If you are at all serious about jumping, or possibly even riding a horse, you know who George Morris is. He is impacted hunter/jumper riding in such a monumental way, it’s impossible not to know who he is. One of my very first books on riding was George Morris’s Hunter Seat Equitation. If you ever […]

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Swanky Saddle Monogram Review

swanky saddle monogram review

A long time ago, I ordered a set of monograms from Swanky Saddle. The products look amazing, and definitely add some class to whatever they are put on, so I was pretty excited to have them to stick on. When I finally got them, I was super excited, and stuck one of the monograms on […]

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Product Review: Hay


The horses are really picky about what they will eat, so they basically force me to buy this stuff. I tried giving them sticks, and small bits of lumber, but they didn’t seem to think those were food. They will eat the processed pellets I provide, but they are so expensive, I decided to give […]

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Mid-1800’s Book Reviews

I should point out that I mean books set in the mid-1800’s, not written then. In January, as I received an amazon gift card, I decided I wanted to finally read Gone with the Wind, and then when I ordered it, some other books were suggested, so I got them, too. Because I am a terrible person, I […]

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Horse Camp (2014) – A movie overview

You may be thinking, why is Courtney doing yet another movie review? She must have no life to write about. And you would be right! I have nearly nothing of interest going on, but I probably will next week, so perhaps check back then, you know, if you feel like it… and you’re not too busy… […]

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Spirit Riders (2014) – An Overview

I get so excited watching these horse movies. Now it’s time for yet another one! Sadly, this one was actually pretty minimal on actual horse interaction, and I’m going to (grudgingly) admit it’s really not that bad of a movie. If you like stories of criminal teenagers getting their acts together, especially by means of […]

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Black Beauty (2015) – An overview

This movie just came out, and should not be lumped in with the Black Beauty from the 90’s, because that one was pretty awesome. This one… I don’t even know. But if you want to be included in my confusion/amusement, read on! But be warned, there was so much ??? that this is a long […]

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A Gift Horse – A Review

I love horse movies, mainly because I love watching the the horses, but I also love watching the riding. And as every equestrian knows, sometimes the riding is laughably bad. A Gift Horse was no exception. When I first heard about this movie, I really wanted to like it. It looked like it could just […]

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Why I Hate Cruises

Now that winter seems to be arriving, it’s time to think of where else I’d like to be except here. Because I hate winter. It’s cold, it’s wet, and it freezes my water and makes me have to cart individual buckets of water from my laundry room. Clearly it’s time for a vacation so some […]

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