The Ode to Pony Man

Poor poor Ponyman, who seems to get hardly any attention from anyone. He’s not as desperately needy as Stu, and finds him annoying, so he just keeps to himself away from the herd. When I give him attention, he soaks it up like a plant taking in the sunlight.

He’s a good boy, my original inspiration for getting a full sized warmblood. (Pony is a German Riding Pony, with warmblood bloodlines.) Didn’t really work out, and instead I ended up with Stu, the very handsome but needy, overly touchy-feely butt, so I’ll just appreciate Pony for the little gem he is. 

I need to find his tack so I can start getting him ready for Bridgette. Step 1 of him being used to her shrieks of joy is nearly complete. He now only reacts to the first shriek, and then just eyes her warily. 

Also, he’s looking a bit on the portly side, so he definitely needs some exercise. He enjoyed being stalled this winter a little too much. 

Thus concludes The Ode to Ponyman. I have now fulfilled my contractual obligation of appreciation.

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