I’ve been cleaning out my house a lot recently. I’ve discovered the easiest way to keep baby safe, and to have a clean house, is to just get rid of as much as I possibly can. Plus, I really crave a no-clutter look. I didn’t use to be like this, but now I can’t stand having a cluttered house, or a dirty house. I now clean even when there’s a high chance no one but me will know. 

But anyway, in my cleaning, I found a photo album with a bunch of pictures stuffed in the back. Back in the day, aka, late teenage years, I always hauled around a camera. This was when digital camera were going into use, and I’d take so many photos. 

Unfortunately most of the digital files were corrupted, and I can no longer access them. One of the downfalls of digital – although with all the backups I do now, the chances of that happening again are slim. But… thanks to the old fashioned printed, these photos still exist. They are still viewable!

On this day, I didn’t go to the barn to ride, I was just going to hang out with a friend. Still ended up riding. Slightly appalled by my fashion sense.
This horse was one of the school horses. She was basically completely push button, and completely trustworthy. She wasn’t fancy though – just a big round pony, but such a sweetie.
Vintage’s first show in 2003. It was a gaming show. She was barely broke – would barely even stop when asked. It was really pure ignorance that made this happen.
My little Paxton. He was probably a year or two here, and he’s 12 now. Still mostly a big ball of fluff. Best dog in the world!

I think these photos I may have posted before, because I had put them on facebook, which preserved them. But, since I found hard copies, here they are again!

Playing in the creek
This was a line of jumps – I had major confidence issues jumping at this point, and I remember just clinging on while it felt like she raced down the line.
Riding at home. I only had a big open field to ride in, no arena. I remember hating it, wishing I had an arena. Now I’d take this field back – it was mostly level, and there was so much room. I could have set up an entire derby course.

Sadly those are the only photos I found. I really wish I had more, I still have such vivid memories of riding my horse – I had Vintage and another horse named Clay, and my friends would come over and we would “trail ride” all over the area. By “trail ride,” I mean just literally ride where ever we felt like it, with no actual trail or respecting any personal property. Kind of rude of us, looking back, but we were just kids. We were always looking for things to jump, or new areas to explore. 

I need to get out and trail ride again. There’s just nothing that compares to exploring the woods, or galloping in an endless open field. 

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  1. I have more photos, digital, but you will need to look through the computer files and choose the ones you want

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