Woman Takes Solo Horse Trek in Mongolia

I saw this, and I just had to share (again, since I shared it already on Facebook). 

This video is incredible! What beautiful scenery. What an adventure! What a cool woman to just go for it. I’m in awe of her! 

The pleasantries out of the way, I want to discuss this further, but it really hit something in me. I’ve always had wanderlust, and there’s something about taking a trip that it so off the beaten path, not something that’s just packaged up and dusted off, and looking pretty. 

Add in that this is with horses – well, it sounds like that would be one incredible adventure! Camping out with the horses, exploring, and just riding all day sounds like a dream come true. 

7 Days Horse Trekking Alone in Mongolia

Let’s dive into the video.

First off, Eva zu Beck created an incredible video, and she is really talented. The production quality is top notch, and she tells a great story. The scenery is incredible. She uses drone footage to show Mongolia, and it is beautiful. 

She’s planning on going out into the wilderness for 2 weeks with 2 horses. She has the appropriate experience to take on this kind of trip – she’s been to Mongolia before, worked with horses there, and been on group horse treks through there. She’s been riding since she was a child. 

Now, despite what I said earlier about craving the adventure, I’m already feeling a roadblock. Despite having horses most of my life, I would feel incompetent with the constant handling of two of them at once, and overwhelmed with ensuring their daily needs are met. It wouldn’t exactly be turning them out and then wandering off for a cocktail.

My urge to take an adventure is evaporating a bit… I need a bit more support to function.  

But anyway, back to the video:

The horses are transported to the national park in an open back truck.
7 Days Horse Trekking Alone in Mongolia

There’s so much beautiful scenery, and it does look amazing to ride there. It’s open fields and incredible views of the mountains. 

There are dangers. She’s initially warned she might run into bad people. Luckily that doesn’t happen, but I would feel a little scared being a solo female in a foreign country (regardless of country). Instead, she’s in total isolation, and she feels it.

I looked up the dangers of Mongolia, and it looks like the most likely danger she could have faced would be her horses being stolen from her. It’s very easy for horse thieves to steal them while a person sleeps. She mentions being too tired each night to be worried about danger, so it seems she got lucky with this. 

She ends up falling off twice, and the second time is when she call it quits and heads back. She thinks she might have a concussion. (I will just mention here that if she’d been wearing a helmet, she probably would have been fine. But that’s her choice.)

She made it 7 days out of the proposed 2 weeks. 

7 Days Horse Trekking Alone in Mongolia

It’s definitely dangerous, and it could have ended much worse. How long would it take for someone to find her if she’d broken something? 

It’s a bit too gritty for me, but it’s incredible to watch someone else go through it. It’s a ride I’d love to take someday, but definitely not alone – I’ll take the organized trip!

Would you do it? Or have you done something like it? 

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