ELF Makeup Brush Review, or How Could You Do This to Me ELF?!

Yesterday Dave and I were leaving the house, hurrying off somewhere. Since we were in such a rush, I decided to do my makeup in the car. We were less than 300 yards from the house when I realized I forgot my makeup brushes.

“It’s too late! We’ve gone too far!”

We continued on, and our first destination was Wal-Mart to return an item bought in error. I decided to buy some cheap makeup brushes there so I could continue to put on my face.

I found an ELF makeup brush set in one of the aisle displays.


Perfect. A little gift set, right about $10, and as my husband says, I can leave it in the car for the next time I forget my makeup. I told him that this is the first time I’ve ever forgotten my brushes, but he swears that’s not true. I don’t know who to believe.

Back in the car, I began using the brushes.

It looks so innocent.

My face wasn’t prepared for the agony. It’s the roughest brush I have ever run along my face. It was like little bristles of sandpaper. It felt like it was made out of horse hair. I would have been better off using my own horse’s hair and saved some money.

appaloosa mare
She thinks her hair feels like the softest silk, but she also thinks she’s the only horse in the field that is entitled to food. The other horses needs to get out of her way.

I’m not even a brush snob either. I’ve had very expensive makeup brushes in the past, but since I’ve long since lost them, I’ve decided never to spend $30 on a single brush again. My current brushes are a $20 pack from Costco. They even came with a little case to keep them in. I’ve had them for a few years now, and they work great, their ability to place colors on my face is comparable to my MAC brushes from years past, and I didn’t even get credit card debt from them.

Clearly these ELF brushes missed them memo – things don’t need to cost a fortune to be decent. I would go as far to say these brushes are not usable. In addition to scratching up my face, they also did a poor job of putting the makeup on there. I ended up all splotchy and weird looking.


I am so disappointed in ELF. I’ve championed ELF before, and told everyone how their cheap cosmetics are great for only being a $1 (or sometimes $3). But I’m so upset about this, I don’t know if my relationship with ELF can continue. This might be the end.

I don’t want to break up with ELF, but I have too much self respect to allow this poor treatment. It’s over, ELF. You brought this upon yourself.

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