Business Trip

I spent this last week in Charleston, SC. Sadly, it truly was a business trip, and not a fun times trip, and I spent the majority of it working.

When we picked up our rental car, I was surprised to see you can rent a Corvette. Perfect for the classy business traveler, who has a need for speed.


Since we arrived 15 hours early, we went to the mall, the natural place for women to folk to, am I right?! I bought a pair of heels that I thought would be perfect to wear for this trip, and ended up not wearing at all. Oh well.

That night, we took our one and only trip to the beach.


Don’t be fooled by that picture though. While it may look at first glance to be sand, it was actually mud, not at all good for lounging and swimming at. No doubt you would get sucked into the mud while being eaten by alligators.

Even though there was potential peril mere feet beneath, my boss took a picture of me at the end. Clearly the danger was going to my head, as it resulted in a squinty eyed photo of me.


Moving on to the other days, I really liked my outfit on the first day. I had a French Connection blouse with a horse print, and a cardigan I just bought the day before from Kohls, part of the Lauren Conrad line.


It was a very comfortable outfit for a day of meetings, and then a night of social networking drinking. Saying that is a little weird, because I mean literally being social, and networking, as opposed to saying social networking and meaning the internet. But I digress.

The next day, I wore this super comfortable striped sweater dress.


At least it would have been super comfortable, had I still been in DC. But down in South Carolina, the temperatures were already in the 70’s. I felt massively overdressed, and it was way too hot. I felt the locals eyes, staring at me, wondering if I was some kind of crazy person. I felt like a crazy person for sure.

That night, we went to dinner at a restaurant called Fish.


I do not actually eat fish, but my boss convinced me to try her white fish from Hawaii, and it was really good. I think I will start eating fish. Thanks, Fish restaurant! You’re shown me the errors of my ways!

I had one more day of meetings, but I don’t have any pictures from that. I was hoping to write a more extensive description of Charleston, and be like “You should totally go to X!” But since I saw very little of Charleston, I am unable to do that. Who would have thought that traveling on a business trip would result in working nearly the whole time? Next time I’d like to go to Charleston and actually see Charleston!

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  1. I was in Charleston last June. I had no idea there was so much history there and that it would be so charming. Additionally a friend of mine from California I’ve known for years had just moved there. So I got to do a little business and a little pleasure and had a great time.

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