PIP 2016: Horse Goals

For the period of time encompassing 1 Jan 2015 – 31 Dec 2015, Ms. Marshallick’s performance fell short of expected, as she failed to accomplish her tiny amount of set goals. Ms. Marshallick was noted to have spent time idly surfing the internet instead of performing relevant duties.

Because of this, this Performance Improvement Plan has been set up to explain what is owed for calendar year 2016. Ms. Marshallick is required to accomplish the below to improve performance. If not accomplished, vague, dire consequences may result.



Showing must be accomplished on a regular basis. Use of trainer recommended. Any equine owned may be used for completion of tasks.

  • Compete at 1 show at 2’6″.
  • Compete at 1 Hunter Derby.
  • Compete at 1 Jumper Show
  • Compete at the local combined training show, in order to make up for all those times that falling off occurred. Hopefully show runner’s and attendance memory is short.
  • Win a 1st place ribbon in something, at any show, in any discipline, in anything that involves a rider mounted on a horse.
  • Attend at least 2 of the Fall Hunter Pace Series.
  • Take (or send with trainer) Pony Man to one show.
  • Have impeccable turnout to ensure embarrassment does not occur by any involved parties.


General Riding

Riding for the purposes of improving technique and gaining fitness must be done on a regular basis. Recommendation is to ride 5-7 days a week, keeping all owned equines on a regular schedule to improve their fitness. Other requirements include:

  • Continually working on suppleness, adjustability, and strengthening exercises.
  • Keep attendance consistent in lesson program, weekly is preferred. Becoming lazy and dropping off schedule is forbidden.
  • A lesson a month with equine “Vintage” is required.
  • Stamina and fitness of rider must be developed with the result of having a complete 1 hour lesson without stirrups.
  • Equine “Pony Man” must be put into a riding/training program, or money invested for previous training will be earmarked as a poor investment, and will limit other similar investments.


Regular check-ins of performance are recommended. Final evaluation will occur in the month of December, 2016.

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