Sox Trot Riding Socks

Everyone loves socks. At least, everyone normal does. If you don’t, you must be some kind of crazy person who likes blisters.

I do not like blisters, so I like socks. And, obviously, I like nice socks, so when Sox Trot offered me socks to review, I was all over that.

riding socks
Amazingly gorgeous socks!

Socks, just like riding boots, can be painful for me to buy because I have the world’s 34th largest calves. It’s hard to find boots that fit, and it also stinks when I buy a cute pair of socks and find out they don’t stretch enough to fit. This was not an issue at all with Sox Trot, because they are insanely stretchy. I think they could have fit around at least the world’s 5th largest calves.

The material is very thin, much like hosiery, but feel slightly thicker and more durable. These socks are perfect under close fitting boots for the “leather glove” look.

They have so many options, it was hard to choose. The patterns are so beautiful, it makes me want to collect them all, just like a trademarked franchise. In the end, I selected Lithograph Women’s Sock, and Unforgettable Women’s Socks, but it seems that I got the last pair as I don’t see them on the website anymore. Sorry about that. Please feel free to admire their beauty below though.

Knee high riding socks

Also, while these socks look super awesome in heels, I actually did that because my legs look better in heels. For actual use purposes, I wore them to a few riding lessons, and to ride this super awesome horse at an undisclosed location.

I'm not saying the socks did it, but is it a coincidence I rode this super awesome horse while wearing the socks?
I’m not saying the socks did it, but is it a coincidence I got to ride this super awesome horse while wearing the socks? 

They are also Yorkie approved.


But enough with the hamming it up. They really are nice socks, and if you wear tall boots, or just like fancy socks, you will like them. I felt very fancy in my lessons wearing them, and I had to walk around with them showing afterward so everyone could see the pretty.

If you want to try them out, Sox Trot is even offering a deal for my readers – 15% discount off your purchase. The code is SOXTROT15. Head on over to and try them out! They have so many beautiful patterns and colors, everyone will definitely find at least one, likely 10, that appeal to them.

sox trot riding socks discount

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  1. Yay for socks! I’m always in socks or house shoes, I don’t know how people (my husband…) walk around the house barefoot all the time.

  2. I love the pattern you picked! These are my favorite brand of boot socks. They fit my tall and wide calf no problem. The quality is amazing. I have a few pairs that are 2+ years old.

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