Baby Fever

I’ve been wanting a baby (horse) for a while. I discussed it a bit in this post, in which I got some really great feedback. I didn’t even have to pay for it, many of you willingly gave it up. No one even billed for their advice.

After thinking on it, searching the internet greatly, discussing with friends, and watching/searching facebook, I ventured out to a breeding farm in my area. I had a few in mind for what I wanted, but I wasn’t totally sure. I wanted a hunter for working hunter classes and derbies, and I wanted a jumper to play around and soar, and I wanted a fun horse for all the time. 

I admit this is kind of vague to describe to someone. It was hard to pinpoint exactly what I wanted, I just felt like I would know it when I saw it. 

And O-M-G, I found it. I found my unicorn. Well, I found the parents of my unicorn anyway. The foal hasn’t even arrived yet, and won’t for several weeks. It’s agonizing to wait! I want to go in more depth of the breeding farm visit in another post but I’m terrible at keeping things secret so I’m doing the big reveal right now. I’m not going to reveal all the details yet because I want to wait until everything is signed and the ink is dry, and it’s mine forever and ever, but I will provide some vague pictures!

The baby daddy:

With a face just like Pony!!

He is a 5 year old RPSI Stud book 1 approved stallion, 75% Holsteiner. 17hh and breathtaking. Unfortunately, the breeder’s website didn’t provide a lot of information on him so I had no idea what to expect. I actually wasn’t really considering his babies, I was looking at another line. But he was gorgeous, and he had presence.  

Holy suspension!

He’s currently in dressage training, but he NEEDS to be in the jumper ring. I recommended they send him to one of my favorite trainers. I’d love to see that happen! 

But I just want to see more of him in general. He’s incredible!

After viewing daddy, and many mares and foals, we were shown the mares still going to foal…and that’s when I met mommy.

The Magnificent Mare

Although in polite society we must never ask, but she’s pregnant, so cut her some slack for being gigantic at the moment.

She an old style, thick warmblood mare, RPSI registered. She is HUGE. 17h, and thick (granted, also pregnant). Even though she was just standing in front of us, she had a presence, and I wanted her. One of my criteria for wanting the foal was wanting the mother, and WOW did I want this mare. 

Her sire is Apiro, who is worth watching on YouTube. He is incredible, does working hunter, and jumpers 1.6m. Her dam did the hunters. I’m sold!

This is such a nice mare that they actually did an embro transplant three times for her. One of the foals is already born, but it’s a colt, and I’m really hoping for a filly. Unfortunately the next two won’t be born for several more weeks. The foal she’s carrying is not from the sire above, but a completely different stallion. It should be interesting to see how that one turns out as well!

I don’t think I would have gone wrong with any of the foals on the farm, but this cross makes my heart skip a beat. I’m very excited, and super happy that I looked into this route instead of breeding. I can’t wait for my foal to be born!

In the meantime, I will definitely be posting about the breeding farm in general, because foals are amazing and cute and perfect in every way.

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  1. Did you buy the foal already or are you waiting until it’s born? How does that work? I’ve never owned babies so I’m really curious. I hope you’ll share some of the details.

    1. The way this farm works is you’d put a deposit down on the one you want, whether on the ground of still in utero. While they try to keep an open dialogue between themselves and potential buyers, they don’t hold foals for people without the deposit.

      The price of the foal includes four months of board, and when the four months is out, the outstanding balance of the purchase price is due.

      Depending on when my foal finally pops out, I might not have to pay the full price until like October. I suppose the advantage to that is if something happens to the foal, you won’t be responsible for the entire amount, but they do require horse insurance on the foal while it is on their property, in case something does happen.

      This youngest horse I bought before this was Pony as a yearling, so this is a new process for me as well. I am happy to answer any questions and will definitely bring up anything that is interesting/unique in this horse buying process!

  2. Eeeeee thy are both lovely! So sorry I missed the trip to see all the bebies but it sounds like you found everything you had hoped for!!!! 😀

    1. Very interesting. I still can’t imagine buying a foal I hadn’t even seen before. Can you get your deposit back is something goes wrong when the foal is born?

      1. Well, it’s the equivalent of anyone breeding their mare with a stallion, I just found someone with a better mare and stallion than I had. There’s always a risk you won’t get the foal you want. You just hope for the best.

        I am sure they will work with me if something happens, they are interested in good customer service.

      2. I don’t see what is so hard to comprehend. Dog breeders sell babies long before they’re born and people prepurchase popular vehicles before you can take delivery for weeks or months.

    1. You’ll get to meet baby eventually! And if you’re in the area, we could go see parents another time!

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