The Westfalen Facility

After a very wet morning, the rest of the inspection was inside. Thank goodness! There was a lunch break which allowed for some time to explore and marvel at the facility. I’m very upset with myself because I failed to get pictures of the door handles, which were the “W” inspection brand. But, maybe you will still be able to enjoy some of the rest of the facility.

I would guess the entire facility is 40-50 acres. We were directed to park in a parking lot by the entrance the first day, and in a nearby empty field the second day. We walked about a quarter mile from the parking lot to the indoor, which seemed to be all the way on the back of the property. We passed by outdoor arenas, administrative buildings and lots of barns on the way there. 

Upon entering…
Looking right from where the plants above are. I think they are big on branding.

Going left will take you into a lounge arena, an office, snack and coffee shops, and the bar. 

Why, a bar in a barn?! I’ve seen everything!

The office in the indoor seems to deal mainly with the horse auctions, and selling things. I would guess they don’t sell too much because they just guessed when I asked how much the sweet Westfalen halter was. But they did seem very busy with the dealings of the day.

I had decided to buy a Westfalen halter for baby Stubert, but then I decided not to since he can’t wear it for many years. I’ll guess I’ll just have to plan another trip to Germany to buy it! I was very tempted to buy a book though, because books are one of the greatest things ever, even though I don’t speak or read German. (I didn’t though. I could be the cheapest person you’d ever meet)

Next to the auctioneer office was a German staple: Coffee and sweets. 

I definitely broke my diet. I’m so ashamed. (jk, not at all)

There was an exit right next to all this, and it led to an outdoor vendor of fries and mayo(?!??! Eww wtf, but everyone was ordering this), and a huge tent for socializing. It became very crowded later in the day.

We spent some time exploring the barns and meeting the horses. The horses were divided up in 4 different barns, and I quickly found my favorite ever. #20, the German love of my life. Oh my poor #20, will I ever see you again!?

He is a beautiful dressage horse, but he won my heart over because he loved getting face scratches, and he stuck his head out of his feed slot for pets. He was so loveable and sweet, and I think I petted him for 30 minutes total because he is a beautiful man and deserved it. Despite not being interesting in dressage, and already owning too many horses already, I was very tempted to buy him and bring him back with me. When he wasn’t approved (shocking both me and everyone I spoke to there), I was even more tempted to buy him and bring him back with me. I was talking to a German breeder, and somehow the topic of him came up, and I joked that I was going to buy him. It may have been lost in translation because the German immediately looked crestfallen and said, “Oh… I was going to buy him.” I quickly reassured him I had no serious plans to buy him… just hopes and dreams. 

#20 outside the stall

#20 is by Finest, one of four colts there by Finest, so I suspect that is why he wasn’t approved. But, I still love him, and I will forever. You are a gem #20! I visied him in his stall a few times over the inspection, and every time he was a sweetheart. I’m not sure if he sold or not, but if he’s with a new owner, I hope they spend lots of cuddle time with him. 

It was really nice to see all the stallions in their stalls and see what sweet animals they are. They were young colts, but most of them were very, very sweet. It might be the breed, or it might be the training, but it was so nice to see so many well behaved and lovely animals, and I’m glad we had the chance to visit them all in their stalls. 

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  1. oh man i would have definitely wanted that halter too. and, uh, #20. he’d look seriously out of place in my rustic rustic barn, but he’d get plenty of face scritches lol <3

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