Riding Resources You Never Knew Existed

A word from our friends at breeches.com:

First, we want to thank everyone who used the “together” code for Memorial Day on Breeches.com. We were able to deliver an entire truckload full of food to the Wellington Regional Medical Center!

Prepping for shows while the country is still in a pandemicis a challenge you can surmount. Even though many barns are beginning to resume lessons and slowly returning to normal function, many people are choosing to continue to social distance. Using technology and virtual learning, you can still lesson safely away from people, even if you keep your horse at home. Maybe you’ll want to continue social distancing just because you prefer the company of animals over people-don’t all of us horse people?

Drag your significant other out to the ring to capture highlights of your schooling session. Important things to record would especially be gymnastics, transitions, dressage tests and any movements that you and/or your horse struggle with.

There are several options available for distance coaching/training. Visit Breeches.com to read more about how you can get back in the saddle while continuing social distancing.

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