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I know I’ve been quiet for a while, but this is only because I’ve been living my best life. Well, almost best life. Best life would mean I’m actually riding, which I am not. But, with my new photography business, I 100% have been living my best life. 

I want to go more in depth with my shoots because I really feel lucky with all the incredible people I’ve met over the past few weeks, so here’s just a little snippet of some of my favorite photos. 

Sorry, I have to watermark everything now, since someone literally stole my photos and blog entries. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before, but there’s a bit of bitterness. 

Amanda Cousins, trainer at Ace Equestrian, and writer at Jumper nation, with her Irish Sporthorse Nessa. I asked if she could put on her saddle with no pad to make it look more “huntery.” I don’t think it made a difference in this photo, but I love it in other shots. Will definitely do it again.
My beautiful client and her incredible Mecklenburger Warmblood. Very cool to see this big boy!
This was actually an outake, but how perfect did it end up? The neighbors had a field fire, and it created all this haze (and made my eyes water so badly it ruined my eye makeup)
Eventer and trainer Brooke Bayley at her home barn with her husband.
Unbroken, or “Nobo,” one of Brooke’s competition horses. Handsome gentleman, and he loves bananas.
Hunter trainer Kiersten Butler with her horse Harley.
Walking through her beautiful home barn in Deleplane, VA.

I’ve also done non-equestrian shoots, and here is one of my favorites. 

Also Kiersten Butler of KMB Equestrian. Might be too small in this photo, but she has the most adorable abstract horse tattoo on her shoulder!

Not only do I love the shot, I just love this dress. I wore it years ago to a gala at the Mexican embassy, and it was great seeing it out again. 

Stay tuned for more photos. I really need to share all that I’ve created! For more timely updates, be sure to follow my facebook page, Courtney Noel Studio, or my instagram at @courtneynoelstudio. Or if you’re ready for some incredible photos, contact me for booking! 

I do need to update the blog a bit. Some things horse related have happened! Stu is on a new adventure, and it’s very excited. I hope to write about it soon! 

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