Sweet, Sweet Berrry

I spent some time with Berry, as I often do.

A great deal of our time is spent simply mashing out heads together and making stupid faces. It’s something we both enjoy.

I wanted to appreciate our time together, but she decided the best activity we could do is get excited and leap gracefully through the air. Unfortunately she’s not particularly graceful, nor athletic.

Berry thinks: Want to buck, but requires so much energy. Meh.

The excitement was short lived. Then all she could do was be depressed. Every now and then, she gave a whinny for her friends, hoping they would some how save her from this awful experience of moving around.

This is the face of despair.

After an agonizing thirty minutes, the horrible human clinging to her back allowed the torture to end.


But then she was forced to stand there while the human climbed all over her back, telling her something about needing to get used to it for Saturday. Berry did not care.

Switching out of my weird narrative there, Berry and I quickly went back to our favorite activity together.


With no injuries and minimal sadness of Berry, I can say that this was another successful ride.

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