In Which Berry Crashes Again

I had my lesson today, and at first everything seemed fine. I had an awesome lesson! But then I really wanted some media of me jumping, so after sitting and chatting with my trainer a bit, I went back out to jump more.

This was apparently a mistake. Full lesson recap coming, but here is the worst.

Okay, so far everything is fine…

She’s going down! (I really thought we were)
But saved by Berry’s somewhat catlike reflexes! (doglike maybe?) She’s never been known for being graceful, so I’m glad she pulled it out of somewhere.
Still braced for impact
Slinking away from the scene
Examining the damage. One standard is completely down, repeat, one standard is down.
The face of bewilderment. Apparently it takes me many strides to recover from this kind of trauma.

Just one of many terrible jumps. Womp womp.

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    1. The bewildered face is pretty epic! I’m glad Berry managed to save herself and came away unscathed — she seems like she walked away from it and didn’t get tangled or scared? That’s always my greatest fear — that we will get tangled in a pole and make a little crash even worse.

  1. omg your face – pure disbelief, like, ‘did that seriously just happen?!?’ – i shouldn’t giggle… but…. i did haha. seriously tho, my mare is queen of being taken by surprise by that final jump course after a little break. it’s, erm, annoying… can’t wait to read about the rest of the lesson tho!

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