Watching the Snow

Really, I’m just waiting for winter to be over with. Although I’m sure I’m repeating what nearly everyone is thinking.

Poffins plans to stay in her nest until winter is over with, so don’t bother her!

It’s too cold, my arena is frozen, my trainer’s arena is frozen, I missed my last lesson because Dave let out the air in the truck tires (sabotage?!), and then every time I tried to reschedule, the arena was frozen. My trainer keeps reminding me my next show is coming up, and I think I might pull out because it seems kind of pointless and mean to make Berry go to a show when she’s being ridden less than once a week.

Then, to add insult to injury, I have some awesome winter riding clothes that I am super excited to wear, but I can’t wear it because when it’s cold enough to wear, the arena is frozen! And then when it’s not frozen, it’s because it’s too warm to wear!

Although I did wear my new coat in one lesson at about 35 degrees. At first I thought I was super elegant because it was one of those coats that gracefully drapes over the horse’s sides, but then as soon as I started jumping, I felt like a bird attempting to take off, and then plummeting to the ground in a mess of clumsiness.


I definitely got distracted looking at owl memes while looking for that one.

So what have I been up to since I haven’t been riding? I’m so glad you asked! I went and got Berry a lovely new medium weight blanket. I think she looks rather fetching in it.

Of course it’s already dirty.

She was quite pleased when I came out to take lots of photos of her.

“Oh, are you here for little ol’ me? I’m just so bashful and timid, take more photos of me!

Vintage seemed a little bitter by the attention Berry received.

“Whatever, I didn’t want a new coat or for you to take photos of me! I just want to sniff poop!”

While I’m writing this, the snow is already coming down and about half an inch deep so far. The other day, the half inch of snow we got caused extreme traffic delays, and when I drove to work the morning after, there were abandoned cars up and down 66 – for a half an inch of snow. I know other places get way more snow and weather than we do, why is it we can’t handle mild weather?!

At least it means my work is being generous with telework during the storm. Hopefully no one loses power!


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  1. The ground/footing has been AWFUL! I managed to trot like, two circles today, on the grass. Before it disappeared under snow for the foreseeable future. Ugh. I feel your pain!

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