Playing Photographer

Every year, my friend and I get photos done. It’s our fall tradition. This year, it was extra special because she is pregnant. We planned for a maternity shoot for her.

Unfortunately, our usual photographer had a last minute scheduling conflict. He’s a really good photographer and a really good guy, so we were sad. But we decided to go through with it anyway, and I took her photos, and her husband took mine. I love taking photos so I was really excited, but she’s my first portrait model, and I was terrified I’d mess up her maternity photos. She could get them redone, but seriously, poor girl is already close to popping, and she’s not going to want to spend much more time traipsing around for photos. They needed to be perfect!

I am actually pretty, super happy with how they turned out. Enough that I asked if I could post them and she said yes.

photoshoot leesburg virginia

rusty manor leesburg





I’m so happy with my first portrait photography experience. I can see where I messed up, so now I’ll learn from that, and be better next time.

Now the photos that were taken of us. They were way better at incorporating the scenery into the photo than I was. I’ll have to try harder next time.





Dave was on a mission to mess up many of the photos. A bunch of them are just him making faces. THANKS A LOT DAVE.

Although our photos are kind of lacking the “Fall” aspect, as there are no leaves changing color, I’m still very happy with them. I’ll be practicing, and hopefully, my photography skills will develop (heh, develop…it’s what we used to have to do if we wanted to see our pictures), and next time will be even better.

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  1. You did fine. Some needed work with the focus. When you take the photo take about 6 of the same shot and check the focus. Since these are portraits, you don’t want a lot of background in each photo. Frame the image, and remember the 1/3 2/3 rule, Less ground at the bottom and more sky at the top.

  2. Your photoshoot from last year was a HUGE highlight for me — I loved the idea and the pictures! And you changed your hair! I couldn’t tell under your helmet all those times, but I do love this new look.

    Also, your pictures of your friend are gorgeous. What a good friend you are to do such a lovely job.

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