More Stubert

His name is now Stubert, as you might have guessed. I mean, it was Stu, but then one day Dave called him Stubert out of nowhere, and I think I laughed for like 10 minutes. So Stubert it is. But only on formal occasions, he will still go by Stu in casual settings.

The breeder continues to do things to and with him, and she graciously provides photos. 

Some serious side eye to vaccines.
“I guessed being jabbed by needles isn’t that bad.”
“Ewwwwwww, what is this foul substance!?”

As his time on the breeding farm starts dwindling, it’s feeling more and more real that I actually do own him. From basically the day I signed the check, I’ve still been telling people I have 3 equines. Then I’d have to stop and correct myself. No…there’s actually 4 of them. But other than moments of excitement, there have been times where I completely forgot he existed. It just didn’t seem real.

But now, as the paddock is almost ready, and the days are getting cooler, it feels very real. So real that I’m planning out his first year with actual dates and events, as opposed to just vague ideas. He’s coming home in early Dec, and I can’t wait!

I have additional news that adds to this excitement, but I’m going to wait on that big announcement. It’s coming though! 

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