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We have a new hangout – we’ve spent many weekend days here, sipping on cider. We went after Gold Cup, we went after putting up fence posts, we went JUST because. Wineries are fun and all, but then I have to go through the tedious process of pretending like I know all about wine, and can detect the different “notes.” (Just kidding, I never do that, I’m very upfront that I will drink wine I like because I like it, and I don’t know anything else.) But moving right along, the cidery is like a vineyard, but instead of a wine tasting, it’s a cider tasting. Apples, instead of grapes. Although they do still have vineyards and wine, but I haven’t tried the wine because I’d need to practice my snotty wine persona first, and I haven’t done that in a while. 

virginia cider tasting room

Just like a vineyard, there are all different types of cider, although I think the cider term would be “flavors”. Traditional cider, ginger cider, cherry cider, and their original honey cider, the cider that started it all. Check out their website for all their cider flavors. My personal favorite is Cherry, but it’s a seasonal flavor to celebrate the Cherry blossoms (we have a big festival in DC, you might have heard of it, it’s a pretty big deal.) So, unfortunately, it’s not available in bottles, it’s only on the taps, and they will run out soon, and then what will I do!? Except move on to my next favorite flavor of orange?!

Also delicious is the flavor mixes – I like mixing cherry with honey. One of Cobbler Mountain’s recommendations is cinnamon mixed with honey, and it is SO GOOD. It’s just like drinking a cinnamon roll in cider form.

No matter what flavor, all the ciders are light and refreshing.

pint of cider
Honey and Cherry

The people are super friendly. We are mainly helped by Laura, owner of these lands, and she is the nicest person. Super adorable pup Corky is always around, doing regular walk rotations around to check on everyone. It’s also really easy to meet other cider fans. The fire pit is our favorite place to hang out, and naturally, everyone else as well. We can all share it!

The point of all this is – everyone should visit this place. It’s so delicious and as one of my favorite places that I feel like I have to share it with everyone. So far, I’ve forced every person who’s come to visit me to go here, not that it took much convincing. This is wine country and it’s very typical to spend the weekends wine tasting, but this is a fun change, and could be a palette cleanser between vineyards. Although if it’s too far to travel, their cider is even carried in stores like Total Wine and Wegmans (in VA, not sure how far they’ve spread).

But as it’s just a stone’s throw from me, I prefer to go in person. 

There’s also bears around, but frankly, 90% of Virginia has bears already, so if you’re in a rural or rural-ish area, you’re probably already around one anyway. You just don’t know it… and isn’t that the scariest part of the bear!?

Speaking of bears, I’ve been finding prints in my lawn, and we heard one crashing around in the woods on our neighbor’s property… so they are out there, those shy land sharks.

But bears or no bears, if you are in the area, definitely check them out. And then let me know so I can hussle over there – I am always up for some cider!

virginia wine map

Cobbler Mountain Cellars

5909 Long Fall Ln

Delaplane, VA 20144

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