Winter Portrait

It feels like I do more photography than anything else these days, but really the photography is just the easiest to share. Although also the easiest to do, while taking care of a baby. It’s hard to ride and take care of a baby at the same time. 

But anyway – I’m still working on developing my skill, and I thought I’d venture into portrait photography. I asked my friend if she’d model for me, and despite snowing only days before, we had a warm day to take photos!

There was just enough wind that the candle would not stay lit.

It’s interesting to me that this kind of photography looks like it’s super easy, but then when actually taking the photos, it feels like you have stage fright or something. I have never felt so incomptent – suddenly felt like this was the first time I’d ever taken photos. I’ll just assume that I need to keep practicing, and it’ll get better. 

One nice thing about taking people of people vs horses – the people actually listen to directions. With the horses, it’s more like desperate pleading, then taking the photo as fast as possible, and frequently losing the shot. Maybe after I work on the people pictures a bit, I’ll be able to combine the people photos with the horse photos and create some very satisfactory photos. 

Okay, got it lit… by witchcraft!

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