A Snow Day

The first snowfall of the winter has come! 

It’s beautiful to look at, and I love it for photos. For practical purposes though, man, I hate snow. It just adds a layer of annoyance when taking care of the horses. Its annoying to walk through, it’s annoying to clear it away, and it’s annoying when it melts and refreezes. I had a fun walk on a sheet of ice this morning. 

But still… so pretty!! 

It started snowing in the middle of the day, and when I went out to feed, the horses were begging to come in. Standing outside in the snow is not their idea of a good time. My new stalls are in use (yay!) so everyone got to come in out of the weather, each snug as a bug. 

Soon after, it actually stopped snowing and we had a beautiful pink sunset over the snow. Wish I got a picture of that, but I was, and am now, sick, so I just admired it from the window. It was hard enough getting the pictures I did get! 

The next morning was still beautiful though. Luckily I brought the camera with me to the barn. I’m going to have to always start carrying it. 

Vintage says, “Stop taking pictures and feed me!”
A deer hanging out next to my hay shed? Seems mighty suspicious…

Now the snow is melting away, but I think we had our snowfall for the winter. Winter can officially end now! Bring on spring please!

…Two more months left 🙁 Hopefully mild and without my barn water freezing! 

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