Cheltenham Festival

If you follow British horse racing, then you already know the Cheltenham Festival is going on. If you don’t, well, the Cheltenham Festival is going on!

The Cheltenham Festival is four days of jump racing, with 28 races and over £4.5 million in prize money. It draws a huge crowd, including British royals and celebrities.

Cheltenham Racecourse was voted The Greatest Racecourse in the World by Racing Post in 2019. There’s resturants, shopping, and live music. There’s even a ferris wheel, if you’re into that kind of thing.

I don’t follow horse racing closely, although I like watching the horses. A race where everyone finishes happy and sound is a good race for me. What draws me to horse racing is the atmosphere, the people, and the food and drinks. And, of course, the racetrack fashion.

Horse races are a great reason to get dressed up, and the Cheltenham Festival is a great excuse to bring wear your best, with a matching hat!

As a huge fan of hats, but yet they are not hugely popular in America, I’m adding “Attending Cheltenham Festival” as a bucket list item. One day I’m going to do it. I’m sure the expense of flying to another country to attend a festival is completely worth it to wear a hat! (I mean… I might be a little serious about that…)

Since I’m not there now and can’t take my own photos, I’m going to have to appreciate it from afar, using Instagram. I’m so grateful that people share their experiences!

It’s still cold in Britain, and neutral colors, traditional fabrics, and wool panama hats were very popular. I’m going to call it “Muted Fall.”

Pillbox hats were very popular as well. Spring’s influence was showing a little bit more with these hat wearers. I am a big fan of this style, but I have yet to try it out. One day!

Other than the gorgeous hats and outfits, the setting is just beautiful. There were lots of photo spots set up. I would definitely be getting tickets to the club enclosure so I could appreciate them!

It looks like a fun event, and fingers crossed it will work out for me to attend one day. It’ll be fun to plan a few outfits with some hats, and see the races. There’s even places there to rent hats, which will be very convenient, as I can imagine it’s not easy to travel with some of these big hats. 

Cheltenham Festival runs through Friday so there’s still a chance to go, if you just happen to be in Cotswold. If you happen to go, tell me how it was! 

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