Learning to Sew

Yesterday I finally took my sewing machine out of the box and did the first assignment for my sewing class. It was about time, I had signed up for the online class back in July. Hopefully I’ll still be able to finish the whole thing!

The class came from an online deal on Groupon, which is currently still available. So far, all I’ve done is a stitching sampler so I can’t really speak for the quality of the class. But I did actually learn something in this very basic assignment, so it’s good so far.

I took home economics in middle school, and I’ve sewn with my mother before, so it’s not like I am a complete beginner. I am very novice though. I’m hoping this class, along with the accompanying fashion class, will allow me to create and design my own clothes, because how cool would that be!?

I have a long road to travel down though.I’m still at the level of making lines. Very straight lines, but still, just lines.


And I played with the decorative stitch function, which I’ve been scared of before. It’s a little all over the place.


Tomorrow, more sewing! I must catch up to the class!

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