Travel: Jacksonville, NC

On Wednesday, I drove with my coworker down to North Carolina. We rented a Chrysler 200, which  spurred many questions on the way down, such as, is there a Chrysler 100? Could it possibly be more uncomfortable than the car we are sitting in? Why was this car designed to be so uncomfortable? Why does the armrest not extend enough to actually be useful? Why do car makers put non-digital clocks in cars? Why are we recessing technologically? Why are there so few non-digital clocks in my life?

We were staying at the Hampton Inn in Jacksonville, NC, and I have to say, they vastly exceeded my expectations. I though they were a low end hotel, but their lobby was a welcome sight after driving for 6 hours. Everything looks fresh, clean, and modern.Even though I was about to pass out, I fought through it to take pictures of the room I stayed in.




It was nicer than the fancy hotel in Texas that I stayed in. How is this possible!? I don’t now if they are all like this, but I will be looking at Hampton Inn’s next time I travel. They even provided makeup removing cloths. Maybe I live a sheltered life, but I’ve never stayed in a hotel that provided those. That little $0.02 cloth made a big impact on me. As well as the clean and comfortable bed and room and such. I did find an ant in the bathroom though. Since the room was so clean, I gave it a pass, maybe he hitched a ride on someone’s shoe. Also, being the idiot that I am, I could not figure out how to turn down the AC, so I was pretty cold all night. Getting ready the next morning I did figure it out. The control is on the wall, not under the window. Oooooooh.

Breakfast was good, if you eat carbs. I try to avoid them, so I tried some of the fruit. Something was not right about that fruit. So I ate nearly nothing. Then I went to work and also ate nothing, because there was nothing but donuts. Finally on the way home I ate some sushi. That was a good sushi place, but you always wonder…I’m about to be in the car for 6 hours, and I’m eating food that is known for sometimes having questionable qualities. Do I risk it? Obviously I did risk it, because I am a risk taker (only in regards to sushi). Since I had a mostly pleasant trip back up, other than being uncomfortably full, I’d say it was worth the risk. And the sushi place didn’t look that questionable anyway. It seemed decent, and the lunch special got me three different rolls plus a salad for about $10, so I can afford that kind of risk.

On the way back up, someone asked me if the bow on my shirt signified something. It was kind of silly, but the man was really sweet and scurried away after I laughed and said no, it’s just part of the shirt.


The black thing he was asking about is on my right shoulder. That would be the left side of the pictures. Sorry if I’m explaining too much. The shirt is from White House, Black Market, and is one of my favorite work shirts. I usually wear a camisole under it because it is low cut, but this day, I was again a risk taker. However, it did not bring more people over to talk to me when I was at my job, so it was not good enough at baiting young men. Or maybe it did work for the few that I did speak with and I would have had none otherwise. Hard to tell.

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