Stu the Model

I feel like I only talk about one thing these days…and I have good news, I’m not going to write a lengthy post about him! Instead, here’s a post made up mostly by some of the dozens of photos of Stu during his recent inspection. I feel like they will go to waste if I don’t post them.  

You’ve been warned!

westfalen na
He’s got the look! (because he has eyes and can see out of them)
I wish I looked this good when I ran.
Hello, ladies.
“My favorite activity is gazing handsomely off into the distance.”
Practicing the end of the runway look and turn.
He’s way too cool to show any interest in the camera.

The rest of the photos are mild variations of what I’ve already posted. It seemed excessive to post them as well. 

Now it’s time for another Stu dry spell. No idea when I’m going to go visit him again. It’s sad, but I know he’s in good hands for now. Due to some alternate commitments, his pickup date moved back to December, which is hard to endure but gives us more time to prep the pasture. Hurrah! 

Now hopefully the next post will be about the horses that live with me and I see on a daily basis!

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