Weanling Walk

Over the weekend we did Weanling Walk 2: The Reckoning. Weanling Walk 1 is here

Weanling Walk 2 ended up being much better! Who would have thought a sequel would have been better than the original?! 

Stu knew he had to make this performance stand out, and really got into character.

This time, I stuck a camera similar to a GoPro on my head and recorded the whole thing. The shortened version clocks in at 11 minutes, and can be seen below. There was just so much I wanted to include! 

I was extremely happy with that little GoPro-type camera, and it may be my new 2nd favorite camera, edged out by my Canon, but still beating my SoloShot 3, which so far has been an expensive disappointment. I like this little camera SOOOO much, it’s going to get its own post where I proclaim its beauty and wonder from the rooftops. 

It has been essential in allowing me to capture the beauty of my handsome little Stu.

So check out the video! I think the real star might have been Pony, but you tell me what you think!

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