2018 Foals

warmblood foals

Happy Monday everyone! The rain finally stopped in Virginia (for now), the animals are doing good, and I’m really excited about an upcoming trip. I’ve gotten out of the practice of updating, but I’m going to try to get on a regular schedule again. I’m thinking like Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The pressure is on!

I hope you like foal photos, because that’s exactly what I have in store for you! We visited Greenstone Farm, as I mentioned before, and it meant meeting the new foals. They are so stinkin’ cute, I can’t believe I’ve ever gone a year without seeing cute little foals. 

The first one we saw is a full brother to Olivet, a handsome, confident young colt.

So dignified that posing is required

He’s super cute, and very friendly. He’ll probably be a big one, just like her. 

Fondu GSF x On Target GSF

He tried to dominant the foal introductions, but we moved on to the next one. This one didn’t have a foal last year, but still so stinkin’ cute. A bit shy too. 


Lilyhammer GSF  x Flint GSF (Stu’s half brother!)

We saw a full sibling to one that D’arcy considered last year, but ultimately didn’t get. Although we saw her as a yearling this year, and she’s maturing beautifully. 

Signature GSF x On Target GSF

This foal was very shy, but D’Arcy did get a few sneaky pets in. 

There was one that hadn’t had much human contact, but I managed to find her when she was laying down and vulnerable. She decided pretty quickly that humans are pretty awesome. 


Moments like that make me love foals. Like, how can you not!? Their little faces, their soft fur, tiny muscles… they are so precious. I honestly would not be able to be a breeder because I would just gather such a collection of them. They are the cutest things in the world.

One little colt stood out. He looked like a little body builder compared to the other foals, and he may end up staying intact for their new stallion. This is Flamenco Musique GSF X Chewbaca GSF. 

westfalen horse

westfalen foal
Checking out Jim…
Too much pressure! Flee!

We saw a champagne filly, I believe it was Crystal Clear GSF x Der Graf. She watched us suspiciously for the most part, but I’m sure she will warm up in time. 

A bit on the shy side

The last foal we saw was a cross D’Arcy has been looking forward to for a long time. She saw her dam, Late Night Musique, last year at the inspection and was very impressed. Someone is going to have a treat with this adorable little filly. 

Late Night Musique GSF X On Target GSF

She’s been in the barn for her life so far, and was brought to the outside for the first time. Her mother got fed, and the combination of everything got the filly very excited and she started running laps around her mother in the pen.

warmblood foal
I know this isn’t the best photo, but it captures her excitement the best!

Jim warned her repeatedly she was going to wipe out if she didn’t stop…and sure enough on about lap six, she wiped out. She promptly jumped back up though, very happy with herself. She’s still shy around humans, but she’s such a happy, energetic little thing. I can’t wait to see how she does.

I feel like I’m a Greenstone Farm super fan, but if you’re looking for a foal, seriously look at Greenstone Farm. I’m really happy with how Stu is coming along, and all their foals and yearlings are amazing. I want to talk about the yearlings and post their portraits, so that will be in an upcoming post. It was really cool meeting them as foals last year, and seeing them grow up. Little babies, growing up to be big strong kids…brings a tear to my eye. 

Also due to my lack of updating, I haven’t talked about Stu in a while. He’s doing great, and I have some updates on him! 

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