Weekly Round-Up February 21, 2020

Almost Walking

The little baby is so close to walking on her own! She now blitzes around with the help of a walker. She’s so fast, it’s hard to get a non-blurry photo of her. 

She can’t stand on her own, so she’ll crawl over to the walker, and get up on her knees to push it around. She doesn’t even have the patience to wait for us to stand her up, she wants to go, now, and as fast as possible. 

The gym daycare told me she’s way more active than the usual babies there. They said they can’t take their eyes off her for a second or she disappears. One time, I went to pick her up, and they couldn’t find her. Turns out she had gone under a table.

So apparently not all babies are as crazy hyper as mine. I was just blessed with the energetizer bunny. 

The New Car

I’m pretty sure it’s common that when people have a baby, they end up needing a new car to fit the baby in. They trade in the sports car for a minivan. 

Following in that trend, it was time for a new car. My Subaru was great, but the backseat was actually a bit small for a car seat, and it was uncomfortable to put the baby in. Plus the amazing off-road lifestyle adventures I fantasized about when I bought it never actually materialized, so in a way, it was a reminder of my disappointment. (jk, I’m only a little disappointed in myself – I only cry myself to sleep 10% of the time)

But mainly we just needed a bigger car. My husband is a car guy, and did all of the research. I am not a car person – the only thing I care about is an attractive interior. If I’m going to be staring at it, it needs to look good. We’ve had a range of cars over the years (thanks to Car Guy), everything from sports cars (Corvette, Mustang, Solstice), to luxury cars (Mercedes and BMW). My favorite interior by far was the Mercedes. Plush, comfy, and good looking. So what do we end up getting?

A Kia – we got a Kia. I’ve never looked at a Kia before, but I’m so glad we did. Because it looks amazing, it was the right size, and it was well priced.  It’s seriously so nice, the interior is comparable to my Mercedes, and it was loaded with comfort features. I’m very happy with the car.

Bridgette is too because now she has a panoramic moonroof to look through! She squeals with glee every time I put her in the car seat now.

It’s all wheel drive too, so many I’ll still be able to have those amazing offroad adventures I dreamed about when I first got the Subaru. Right now, I just want to drive everywhere. I don’t actually have the time though… so I guess the novelty of a new car will get to be stretched out for a bit.

Working Out

I’ve mentioned working out before, but maybe I don’t mention it enough for how often I do it. I’m at the gym 3 – 5 times a week, and I’m so glad I’m keeping up with it. Combined with diet (more on that in a minute), I think it’s really paying off. 

For a little comparison, here’s me a year ago (7 months pregnant) vs me this week. 

I never wanted this photo to see the light of day, but I think it works well for the comparison.
It’s feels so awkward getting photos at the gym, I don’t know how people do it. I had to wait for everyone in the general area to leave.

I’m still working on it, but I’m feeling really good about the progress I’ve made. I started with a really basic, simple routine, and now I’m trying to push out of my comfort zone. I feel like I see lots of people at the gym doing exercises I don’t even understand, and frankly, I’d like to. They seem to know wha ttheir doing. Also, my new gym is full of super serious, super fit people, so therefore, they must know what they are doing. I’m doing my own research about exactly what I’m seeing before I try it though. I don’t want to get hurt. I’m really excited about expanding my workout though, and to see how to effects me!

The flip side of working out is the diet. I’ve talked about my obsession with Whole 30 many times. So it might surprise you to learn that I’m not doing Whole 30 anymore. Not because I don’t think it’s great, because it clearly is, but because I think I learned enough about diet to get the full value of the program. My diet is based firstly on vegatables, and then meats, limited dairy, and then ocassional treats. Nothing is off limits, but I also can self limit myself. I notice a huge difference in how I feel on days where I indulge vs days where I don’t, and it’s just become a habit to avoid all the processed foods. 

I still would recommend Whole 30 to others though. I really think it’s a valuable experience, and helps to teach good eating habits. 

In Conclusion…

Mardi Gras is next Tuesday. Maybe find a King Cake to enjoy. Yum! 

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