An Ode to Hats

I bought a new hat the other day. There’s a really nice tack (horse) store near my house and in addition to overpriced horse tack, there’s plenty of human clothes and accessories.


I’d been looking for a hat like this for a while, so naturally I was thrilled to find it.

I love hats. They shield your face from the sun, and the darkness is like a real life instagram filter.

Since I bought it at night, I needed some place to wear it. Off to Tyson’s!


I found this amazing jacket. It was much too expensive though. I thought Macy’s was supposed to be cheap! I will continue to search for a reasonably priced fur jacket or vest though.

Most importantly, I went to Sephora and bought eyebrow filler. I suffer from a terrible affliction: early 2000’s over plucking. It refuses to grow back. I finally decided to do something to make it better.

The helpful assistant assisted me with picking a product and slathered it on.


And then like a miracle, I had full eyebrows!


And just like that, I now had two things to be thrilled about: my hat, and my eyebrows. Yay!

More hat-ness will be featured in other posts. I love my hat!

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