The Gym is in My Future

One of my favorite things has always been to live in the past. Specifically, remembering when I was young, thin, and fit. It isn’t my favorite because I enjoy drinking wine, looking at old photos, and sobbing over what life used to be like (although the wine certainly makes it better), it’s my favorite because I use it at an excuse for how I look now.

Exhibit A

There have been many times where I look at photos of myself and think, “Well, at least I used to be thin,” as though to make up for how much weight I gained. And I’m getting so old… and it just kind of happens when people get older. And I’m busy now, I don’t have that kind of time anymore. There’s always some good reason I can’t do it anymore.

20101003_5 (2)
Exhibit B: We were also young, carefree, and had fast cars and super long arms.

I was a gym rat back then. I went to Gold’s Gym, and I loved it. It was hard to get into at first, but going to the gym is surprisingly addicting. Dave and I went all the time.

One day, we decided to switch gyms, and go to one that was within walking distance of our condo. Gold’s Gym had terrible parking, even if it was awesome. We had high hopes for the change.

Part of our membership included a private session with a personal trainer at the gym. I thought it sounded neat, as I hadn’t been using a personal trainer at all. I signed up for it. It turned out it was not a training session at all. It was a session where my fat was measured, I was told I was overweight, and here’s what their personal trainer could do to fix it.

I looked like Exhibit B at this point, and weighed 130 lbs. I was horrified to hear that after all my effort, all the time spent at the gym, I was still considered overweight. I know now that was not the case, and they were trying to sell personal training sessions, but I really took it hard then. I didn’t stop at once, but the gym stopped being a happy place. It was now a frustrating place, and I was very irritated that all my hard work didn’t matter, I was still overweight. Eventually, I stopped going entirely.

It wasn’t instant, but once I moved out to my farm and no longer went to any gym, the weight piled on. I kept thinking if I made some small change, it would go away, but this has never been the case.

This week, I got serious. Truthfully, Dave got serious, so I have him to thank for this. Dave used to work out, and also fell off the bandwagon. (Also some credit to my dear friend Krissy, who was telling me her gym experience <3)

Exhibit C: Dave, who worked out frequently, enjoying a roller coaster

Dave decided he wanted to start working out again and I decided this would also be a good idea for me. So we signed up for Gold’s Gym again, although not the same Gold’s Gym of our past.

We have gone twice so far, and I can’t believe how much I missed it. Doing the exercises again is one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. I’m a little concerned how I’m going to fit it in, but I’m going to make it work.

Dave is going to be my “personal trainer.” He’s not a real personal trainer, but he knows how to do things, so I will listen to him. Also, having Dave there is fun, because we act stupid together, and amuse each other.

To further my desire for real results, I’m going to post my progress. I don’t have much to start with, but I’ll try to get more stats.

Although I am horrified to admit this, my starting weight: 173 lbs, as of yesterday morning. I’m 5’7″ for context.

The “before” shot

It’s not a very good before shot, but frankly, every picture on my blog is basically a before picture.

I did get some new songs for my mp3 player that got me really excited! I’m on a disco kick!

  • Turn the Beat Around, Vicki Sue Robinson
  • Hot Stuff, Donna Summer
  • I Will Survive, Gloria Gaynor
  • Staying Alive, Bee Gees

I am the kind of person who listens to the same song over, and over, and over until I end up never wanting to hear it again. I need more disco suggestions to not get sick of it. I was a bit inspired from The Martian, I think disco is ideal music to be stuck on a planet with.

I am really, really excited. My muscles feel happy, and I feel super energized. No more excuses, I’m going to do it!

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  1. Good luck with the gym. At least you like it. I despise the gym. You might want to join #goalbreeches on Facebook. It’s an equestrian group focused on weightless and being healthy. It was started by a different blogger, Nicku.

    1. I used to despise it, but after being forced to go a few times I got into it haha. I’ll definitely check out that facebook group, thanks for the heads up!

  2. Get it girl!! This is so exciting! My boyfriend is currently doing a weight loss program, and it’s so fun to see him so happy when the pounds drop! I know it’s not disco but I always felt like the black eyed peas had kickass workout music. Plus I feel like Fergi probably works out to her own music, and she’s got a banging body, so there must be something to it right? 🙂

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