A Day at the Farm

Before children, I took for granted being able to get my hair cut. Now, wow, what a luxury. I actually hate getting my hair done, it takes too long and I nearly always don’t like the results, but it is necessary. My hair starts to look pretty ratty and gross if I go longer than a year without a haircut. Yes, I do usually wait that long between haircuts, as I said, I hate going to the hair salon! 

So while complaining to a friend that my hair was falling out in clumps (side effect of being post partum) and looking ratty and I couldn’t leave the children, she invited me over to her house for her traveling hair stylist to cut my hair, and to bring my liter. It was a great idea.

Spoiler alert: not happy with my haircut. But I gave pretty poor directions, so it’s really my fault. My instructions were “cut a lot of it off, and make it look good.” Pretty vague. I ended up with very short, layered hair. My hair is pretty wavy, so now I have crazy fluffy short hair. Pretty sure I’m going to be flat ironing it for the next six months.

But that’s not the point of this post. The point was, I took the kids to her amazing farm, and they had so much fun. One her cows recently gave birth to twins, so we thought it would be hilarious to have a photo of the twin boys next to the twin boys (calves). 

We tried, but it’s surprisingly hair to pose 4 month old infants with 3 week old cows. 

One twin with baby calves. Also, not me, her hair ended up much better than mine.

My friend has been raising cattle for a bit, but this is the first set of twins they’ve had. Their help showed off his amazing skills at wrangling up these two, and bringing them in so they could be hand fed. 

Apparently, he had shown his amazing skill once before – they had a client that was coming in to foxhunt, and her horse refused to be caught. So he grabbed another horse (possibly random, but also could have been deliberate as he choose a very cool horse at this barn), and went out and wrangled up the client’s horse. It was definitely a first for all horses involved. 

The amazing foxhunter and one time cowhorse.
credit: Me

Bridgette thought the cows were funny, but she thought it was way more fun to kick sawdust around in a nearby stall. To each their own, I suppose. I did try to pose her with the cows, but she thought this giant thoroughbred was way more fun.

Just look at that cow in the background, eyeing her up. Sus.

After cows, it was time for goats. Goats are hilarious and so much fun, as long as they aren’t on my property and I don’t have to take care of them. Playing with other people’s goats is one of my favorite activities. 

Unfortunately, Bridgette didn’t even give the goats a chance, because she spotted a fidget popper in the golf cart we were using, and apparently that is way more interesting. But luckily, we did have one very interested child!

David is preparing to be a rider. He has a lifetime of taming goats ahead of him.

I never formally introduced my twins, so now is as good a time as any. One twin is David, and one is Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia and conqueror of a vast region from the Mediterranean to Asia. It’s a bit of a mouthful though, so we usually just call him Alex. My husband named one twin and I named the other.

So David was loving everything about the farm. He loved the cows, the horses, the goats, the golf cart, being outside, being held, etc, etc. Alex was absolutely miserable and cried almost the entire time. 

David: Living his best life.

Alex: Hating this farm and everyone in it. 

To be fair, he was tired, as babies get tired very easily. But David had the exact same amount of sleep as Alex, and he was having a great time. 

We would have had one more stop on our farm tour, to visit a pony, but due to Alex’s crying, we decided just to call it a day. That incessant crying can be a real mood killer sometimes. 

Overall though, a great day for the kids. Nothing is better than taking them all outside and getting them good and tired!

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