Bad Timing

In about an hour, I’m leaving for the airport to go on a business trip. It’s kind of uncomfortable to be flying at this time of year. Other than the obvious danger of flying and being in large groups of targeted people near the Mexican border, I am super excited about life.

Danger aside, I’m going on my first business trip!!! Squeeee!!! This is getting it’s on bullet on my resume! And then next week, assuming I survive this one, I’m going on another business trip!

But, in between that job fun, I’m having a vow renewal with my husband on Saturday. I can hear the screams of horror from wedding etiquette gurus already. Yes, I am basically having a second wedding with my husband, the first one being in the house of a very nice justice of the peace with no one else in attendance. We both wore jeans, and after, we went to the mall and ate Asian food with my brother and sister in law. They were the first to hear the news.

This weekend, we are having a simple ceremony on my parent’s farm. Afterward, we’re eating. There will be croquet and “chicken” bean toss, which is similar to regular bean toss, but with pictures of chickens on the goals. I love chickens, both as a pet, and to eat. The perfect animal.

Back in 2008, when we were originally planning to have a wedding, my mother took me out to buy a wedding dress. I still have the dress and I really want to wear it on Saturday.


But there’s a huge problem. I now weigh about 20 lbs more than I did when I was fitted for that dress. This has been troubling me for some months now. It was a huge wake up call to stop stuffing my face full of sugar, and I have lost some weight, but not fast enough. I tried on the dress last night with the assistance of my husband. After about 10 minutes of straining, he told me I had a couple of inches to lose to fit in it.

I have four days. Technically that means I only need to lose 5 lbs a day to make my goal weight!┬áMaybe if I just run many miles every single day, the fat will just melt off. Or I’m thinking emergency liposuction. It’s really my only option. I wonder if any Texas plastic surgeons will do a consult and procedure the same day.

For now, I must hurry off my computer to reach the airport. The computer is always my partner in crime when it comes to procrastinating. If I ever want to be anywhere on time, really the best thing to do is just not turn on the computer.

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