Out With the Old

It could be called spring cleaning, but it’s not the right season. The time has come to get rid of all the junk I no longer like/use/want.

I’m not much of a hoarder of things. I dislike clutter and mess, and therefore dislike anything that adds to that. I don’t like trinkets, or nick-nacks or extras of something I already have. Dave is the complete opposite, and likes to stock up on things, just in case, which is why we have way more batteries than we will ever use, among other random items he likes.

But, there are a few things I end up hoarding. Clothing, shoes, and books. I used to have a huge closet all to myself in which I kept all my clothes and shoes. Then we moved, and I didn’t even unpack all my clothes until we’d been here two years.

The books are a more recent acquisition. I’ve always loved books, but since I lacked shelves at my old place, any books I had were kept at my parent’s house. I don’t think they minded, they are a bit of book hoarders themselves. I really find nothing wrong with hoarding books, after all, that’s why libraries exist. I would like my own personal library.

fantasy library
This, please.

My problem now is that I lack shelves. Currently my bookcases are stuffed to capacity with books. Added to that, some of my books really suck. I don’t mind reviewing really stupid books, but I fail to see why I should keep them on my shelves. It’s time for the purge.

I went through my closet first, taking out things that either won’t fit, or I will never wear. That seems to happen a lot – I buy something I think looks amazing, but then there’s no occasion that I will wear it. And now here it is, taking up valuable space in my now tiny closet.

I pulled out 6 different “wrap” sweaters. I can’t be the only one who bought one or more of these. They are all from Victoria’s Secret, and they are long cardigans that you twist around yourself somehow.

I wore these a lot to work, but never loose like that photo. Always tied up somehow. I think I looked okay. I wasn’t fired anyhow, so they must have been okay with it. Somehow I collected many of these, so I could wear a different color everyday for a week if I wanted. To be clear though, I tried to mix it up. I think I limited myself to two wrap sweaters a week. That way I could go nearly a month and not repeat!

forever 21

I tossed in this jacket from Forever 21. This jacket was a staple during my college years. It is also made of felt. The years have not been kind to it.

white house black market

This jacket from White House Black Market went in. After Michael Jackson died, the military style suddenly became very popular. I dislike both MJ and this style so it’s a mystery to me why I bought it. I never wore it.

I moved on to shoes. Some of these shoes I’ve had for nearly ten years. Teenagers do not have the best tastes, nor do they usual have money for quality goods. It’s time to let go.

Reviewing this, it seems I only have one side of a few pairs. Some sneaky shoes are still hiding in my closet!
Reviewing this, it seems I only have one side of a few pairs. Some sneaky shoes are still hiding in my closet!

I even included the very bootsI wore earlier this month. When I returned home, I saw the “leather” had cracked. That just won’t do.

I’ll have to find the sneaky shoes hiding, but now it’s on to the books. I removed nearly all the books off the shelves to start fresh. I organized some of them still on there, and moved the rest for sorting.

piles of books

The books I don’t want/hate/despise/am disgusted by will all be separated and shunned. The others will be moved downstairs to await placement on a new shelf. I don’t have a new one yet, nor do I know where I will put one, so it may be a while. They’ll just have to be patient.

All items I do not want will be donated at one of the drop off places. I feel kind of bad donating the books I don’t want because I don’t want to inflict terrible books on an unsuspecting recipient. I feel like good books should be spread around widely, but the problem is that I don’t want to part with my good books. 🙁

Perhaps a disclaimer: Warning – This books is a poor example of the written word. Please read at your own discretion.

Anyone else due for a closet clean up? How old are some of the items you need to get rid of?

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    1. oooo that’s a really cool idea! Normally I’d feel bad about the slaughter of innocent books, but I don’t believe these books are innocent at all. They are terrible awful books, and doing some cool art would be much better than unloading them on someone else!

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