Clearing the Land

women using chainsaws

Now that I’ve picked the horse, I need to have room for it and D’Arcy’s foal. It’s finally time to clear our some more acreage on my farm. (Really, it was time ages ago, but this is good motivation to get moving.)

farm work
The view from the house. Technically, this is after cutting down the trees…but it looks about the same as before. Hopefully, the progress will be more evident later.

Dave ripped something in his arm, so he was unable to cut down trees. That meant it was up to us ladies to cut down the trees and make the pasture, which felt extremely daunting.

I’ve never chainsawed anything. Chainsaws are terrifying. So much can go wrong, and so quickly. They seem hard to use and there’s so much activity right in front of my face. But, it wasn’t going to happen if I didn’t man up and do it, and luckily D’Arcy was able to inspire some confidence in trying it, despite never doing it herself either.

We started them up, and hesitantly practiced on a random fence post. It turned out it was incredibly easy. It was kind of like jumping in a pool – just need to jump in and get the first step over with, and it’s easy to keep going.

using a chainsaw

Virginia has weird, horrible bush tree things that grow like a weed and have tons of branches coming out from the bottom. No idea what they are called, but they should be called Hell Bushes, because they are impossible to deal with. Another one of these bush/trees grew through my fence and knocked the whole thing out. So, on the first day, we knocked out two of these asshole plants.

clearing land
The stem of asshole plant.

The next day, Dave and I went out to tackle some actual trees. We took out some scrubby pine trees lining the fence (visible in above photo), and a 35 ft tree that was near the barn. It was a little bit terrifying to think the trees might come down on top of us, so it took some careful maneuvering and setting up of the cuts.

Cutting notches in the tree to make it fall the right direction.

It seems that we followed all the correct stems, as we still exist, so hurray! I would have keep going but the chainsaw decided to turn off and not back on again. I lack the technical knowledge and mechanical whispering of why this keeps happening, but I’m sure with some YouTube videos I’ll sort it all out. It’s now raining here, but once it dries out a bit, it will be back to chainsawing! It’s surprisingly addictive! 

Only downside is now I am now covered in poison ivy. Maybe next time I’ll try wearing a hazmat suit.

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  1. woooo so exciting!!! that’s some serious work tho – hopefully it’ll keep going faster as your chainsaw wielding expertise grows!!! (hopefully, growing in inverse proportion to the brush on your properly lol)

  2. We have a big section of hell bushes (mine are autumn olives, not sure which type you have…lol) that needs this…attention. Glad no one lost any appendages and that your baby will have a buddy to grow up with! Exciting progress!!!

  3. What Courtney failed to mention was I lassoed those trees with a tow strap and just pulled them down. She used the chainsaw to help just a little though. Real men don’t need chainsaws for such small trees!

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