westfalen foal

Luckily the disappointment of last weekend has faded away, and I’m feeling much better about this last weekend. I picked out my baby!

This is F#, which is pronounced “F Sharp,” not “F Hastag.” Hopefully, I won’t have to repeat this over and over, but I anticipate a lifetime of telling people that. He shall be called the very dignified name of “Sharpie,” just like the marker. He may look familiar, and that is because I looked at him before. I felt like we had a super connection then, as we gazed into each others eyes, and planned out our futures together. I didn’t decide on him outright at the time because… well… I wanted a bay. And he’s chestnut! I’ve never owned a chestnut! This is so weird!

Even though he’s older now, I would say he’s even more suspicious of me. He found it very weird that I wanted to touch him. 

“Ack, weird human! Remove your hand from my side!”

But he did start to realize how good scratches felt – although he showed his appreciation to his mother and not me. 

warmblood foal
“Oh yes, that’s the spot!”

While checking him out, I checked out my other option – another colt out of the same mare. He was cute as a button, but it seemed riskier to pick him – his sire just started training whereas Sharpie’s sire is approved and confirmed as being a super talented jumper. But the other colt came in a package with Sharpie’s genetic mother, and damn she is fabulous!

Me and the big mare, “Alala.” We are anticipating Sharpie will look pretty similar to her.
Alala and Dave have a serious discussion. After seeing this picture, it makes me reconsider how big she is… With Dave, she looks small. 

After checking them out, we went to visit D’Arcy’s pick and the rest of the older foals. And being surrounded by tons of friendly foals gave me hope. They may be shy when they are younger, but they get friendly fast!

D’Arcy and her new foal, Olivet.
Dave and foal who is super into him.
Little filly getting her nose into everything!

There is hope! Sharpie will be friendlier next time I see him, and be super into me, that way our relationship isn’t one sided. 

Seeing all these foals…. omg I love them all! I wish I lived on a breeding farm so I could be surrounded by foals all day, every day. Note, I would not be able to have my own breeding farm, as I would never be able to sell the foals. I’d be way too attached. Maybe I’ll work out a deal one day where I just show up to random breeding farms and run free with the foals. I could be the official Foalertertainer. Call me, I’ll come entertain your foals. 

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  1. I keep offering that you’re welcome to come entertain my foals! 😉 I LOVE that his name is Sharpie, adorable! You know my love of chestnut ponies runs deep, so I approve. 🙂 They all have different personalities, it might take him a little bit to get brave enough to be easy to handle. I’ve smothered my guys with attention since birth so they got used to the concept early on 😉

    1. Glad you approve, as you know chestnut geldings personally!

      I don’t think it will take anything at all for him to be friendly/easy to handle. All their other horses are and they use the same system for every foal. The older foals are already begging for attention.

  2. omggggggg Sharpie is so cute! i love his eye, and such a pretty face! so glad you found such a good fit, hopefully i’ll get to meet the bebes at some point once they’re all home!

    1. Aww, thank you!!

      We will have to make it happen!! They aren’t coming home until November though! It seems so long, but time will fly!

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