Fantasy Farms

I was browsing around some farms in the event that we decide to move and I just kept increasing the price until I was looking at the most gorgeous farms. The magnificent homes, the expansive properties and of course, the amazing equestrian facilities. All things to drool over. 

That evolved into one of my favorite games – where would I live if I had tons of money?! 

Note – while these houses obviously have interiors, I’m way more interested in the exteriors. Click on the link to see their interiors.

2575 Five Points Rd, Marshall, VA 20115

Starting with my area. I am quite biased, but it’s definitely the best area. There are so many beautiful properties! But of the ones on the market currently, I would definitely move into this one, the very second I win the lottery.

8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 12,000 sq ft on just under 58 acres

I love the style, I love the driveway courtyard, and I love the old feel of it. This is classic Virginia hunt country right here. 

I like sitting by pools. Sometimes I even go in them. 

It feels like some landscaping or something is missing from the exterior of the barn, but that can be easily fixed.

There are no direct photos of the arena, but I did find this overhead that shows it. Also shown: big beautiful fields to gallop across. 

Priced at $4,950,000. 

526 Middle Fork Rd, Cross Junction, VA 22625

4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 6,093 sq ft on 70 acres.

Keeping with the Virginia theme, but very close to the West Virginia border, we have a much more affordable option. This house was originally built about 1890 and was remodeled in 2008. 

A more modest property, but definitely an oasis of horsie bliss. 

Priced at $950,000.

54 Southwood Lane, Columbus NC

4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 5,933 sq ft on just under 19 acres. 

Who picked this pool shape?! I expect better from my expensive horse property.

I never knew I wanted brick lined stalls until I saw this house.

Not sure how I feel about the rope as a wall. I’d definitely be the person who ends up going right into one of those steel supports.

Priced at a deal of $1,900,000

Undisclosed location, Dillsburg, PA 17019

I am a bit annoyed that this property doesn’t seem to have an arena. It really seems like it should, and it’s a massive disappointment it doesn’t. But I suppose I could always put one in…

4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 5,001 sq ft on 135 acres.

Another restored home from the 18th century. Man, I love these things. 

good lord this is a big barn
OMG there’s more to it
I hope the “horse looking horribly surprised” statue doesn’t convey
The gated entrance, which seems to be missing the sentry towers and armed guards

It’s not exactly move-in ready with its complete lack of an arena. They should knock off a few million from the listing price to make up for it. Otherwise, I guess it’s pretty nice. 

Priced at $5,500,000

3075 Landrum Mill Rd # 2, Campobello, SC 29322

The final offering, and perhaps the best one. I mean, I love some Virginia, but this place… wow.

4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 10,246 sq ft on just under 60 acres.

Exactly the style I like! It’s like a house in VA was shipped to SC!

This is the main house. There is also a 3400 sq ft guest house. Where I come from, that’s the main house, but this property has guests visiting in style.

This house has the honor of being the only house on the list that I will show the interior – because it is clearly amazing.

Lovely backyard for when I want to sit by the pool and/or grill up some things to eat while I sit by the pool.

The description says this is just one of “several” riding rings?! How many riding rings does one person need? (Answer: When you are rich, you can never have too many riding rings.) (Also, I checked and it seems there are two riding rings. The second one is MORE THAN DOUBLE the size of this one.)

Not a fan of the orange color wood, but I suppose if I’m rich enough to buy this place, I can afford to have it restained to a more pleasing color. 

I would buy this place in an instant if it wasn’t for the pesky alligators that are in SC. Alligators and I can never live in the same state. Don’t let the price fool you, it’s the alligators keeping me away.

Listed at $6,850,000.

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