Barn Observations

I spend a lot of time at the barn, but during work this past weekend, I spent more than usual, so I got to see all sorts of fun stuff.

At one point I was driving the tractor out and I accidentally disturbed a next of field mice. The mom bolted with some babies still attached, but left one behind so I had to reunite the family. Although frankly, those babies looked way too old to still be hanging out with their mother. But just the same, I caught the tiny little creature, and bought it back to the mother. It didn’t seem like it appreciated it though, the first time I put it next to her, it ran away from her and I had to re-catch it. Maybe there’s a domestic dispute going on.  

Despite already feeding the horses, I threw out more hay for the horses. When they just stand there, staring at you, waiting, it really doesn’t feel like you have a choice. 

Hay can be heavy to toss, so in some cases, my aim is not that good. I threw it over the fence, meaning to go right next to Pony, instead it landed on Pony.

I had a laugh, took some pictures, and walked away to go back to work. 20 minutes later, he walks to the other side of the barn and I see him again – still covered with hay. It landed so perfectly balanced, with the perfect amount of friction. It was a thing of beauty.

I like to imagine him as a pack mule, carrying a load of hay to the market. At least then he’d be earning his keep!

I was hard at work when I heard a loud thumping. I knew that noise though, and rushed to the water troughs.

Berry is a goofball, and one of her little habits is standing in the water troughs and splashing out all the water. Usually she only does it when it’s hot though. Berry decided the balmy 50 degree weather was just too much, and took a bath in both water troughs. Apparently she is not appreciating the cooler fall weather as I’ve had to clean out the water troughts nearly everyday for a few weeks now. This is the first time recently that I’ve caught her in the act though. 

For a horse that isn’t a fan of when I give her a bath, she sure is a fan of her own baths. I guess it needs to be her decision. 

I mainly wanted to get a picture of her in the act. I sort of did, although the best one was of her pulling her hoof out of the water. 

I wonder if the other horses realize that she’s the one that makes their nice clean water all dirty. 

I’m really glad I finally started working on the barn, both for actually getting it fully functional, and being able to hang out outside with the horses again. Even if I’m still not really riding, just being up close with them, hearing them munching and moving around, and smell that distinct horse smell, is both relaxing and invigorating. I need to get some more lumber, and then back to work! 

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